Thursday, March 17, 2011


Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Have you ever heard of a Leprechaun Trap?  Well, we caught a leprechaun last night : )  I have to tell you, I'd never heard of it.  Mary Claire made one with her troop last Sunday (shoebox covered in foil, turned upside-down!), and set the trap last night.  She's actually set it every night, waiting..
The legend (heehee) says that you attract them with shiny things (coins, foil, apparently a green Good Luck Care Bear and she used her sequined belt!):
and then when they come in to gather the shiny coins, they get caught!  Or they escape, and leave behind some of their own treasure.  This is totally what she's been counting on.  She's been telling me all the things her leprechaun might leave behind.  Ha!

When we talked last night, I asked her if she was going to share what the leprechaun might leave behind.  She said that maybe the leprechaun would leave her a girl book (1), and how would she share that?  I said I didn't think leprechauns carried around books! (I can finally spell leprechaun by myself!)  I told her I didn't know much about them, but that she should share what she got/caught since her bothers (2) didn't have traps!

This morning, there was much rejoicing: the trap caught some shiny mini-Reese's peanut butter cups-and there were six..enough to share!  They were all excited.  Clay and Ethan ate both of theirs after breakfast, but Mary Claire couldn't.  Her blood sugar ran really low all day yesterday (I changed her site yesterday morning), so instead of reducing her basal rate all day today, I let her eat one Reese's cup after breakfast, and I put one in her lunch.  That's the other way we control it: slow-release chocolate over time!  She's happy, I'm happy she'll stay above 70, so leprechauns?  A win-win for everyone!

Funny Things Ethan Says:
Holy Chicken Pops!
Mean Smile (3)

...and Guess Who Got the Journals made?  WooHoo!  I just couldn't wait! : )  Here are some pictures:
April's Journal

April's Tabs!

Jen's Journal!  (my camera died, so these are by my phone!)
I love how they turned out-the tabs are so cute, and I counted out the pages before I divided up the sections-I had to get them as near perfect as I could!  (Except that Ethan scribbled a little in the front April's journal...oops!  I decorated over the erased scribbles with stickers..there, all better!)  Sorry again, April!

(1)-She saw this book I got her in Florida-American Girl's The Care and Keeping of You in my suitcase, and I told her to forget she saw it!
(2)-She once misspelled "brothers" on a spelling paper, and she thought it was hilarious, so when we are alone, she calls them "bothers"!  Don't you need an inside joke with your only daughter? ; )
(3)-Today he got his hair cut at Kutting Crew, and got to sit in the airplane chair again!  I asked him to smile for me, and he said first he wanted a mean smile, then a nice one.  The girls thought it was hilarious.
Mean Smile:
and..a Funny Smile:
..and a Mysterious Smile:
He got this out of the treasure box! : )


Jen Snow said...

What a good momma' you are!! Your kids will remember those special moments forever! :)

Jen Snow said...

I love my book! :) I've already got 3 new recipes in the back and starting to get April organized! Thank you!

The Ware's said...

Glad you had fun with the leprechaun trap. :o) That "girl" book ... that's a great one! Emily has that one... she has the accopmanying journal too which is realy good!

The Mom said...

Cute Leprechaun trap! Today, Dad said Ethan came into the shop and waved his hands in a sweeping motion and said "One day Papa when I grow up I'm gonna be just like you and have all these cars". Heehee!

Holly said...

I just *LOVE* you people! : ) When I get to hear from you, it makes me think *someone* is reading! hahaha ; )
Jen-I am thrilled you like it!! (and thank you for thinking I'm a good momma-I try, and don't you wonder if you ever succeed?)
Sandra-We loved it-I'd never heard of it! I am excited for her to get the book-I'm saving it for her EAster basket! (I got Clay the Body Book for Boys today too!)
Mom, Love it!! He would love to grow up with a shop full of cars-his DREAM!!! <3

Hallie Addington said...

We had a trap, too! We caught him for awhile but he must have had a tiny pair of scissors because he escaped! He did leave behind some chocolate gold, though!!

LOVE those journals! You are so crafty! I need tips!! Honestly, your stuff is just beautiful!

And yeah- chocolate is great for minor lows and holding steady!