Monday, March 7, 2011

Girls Rock!

I had this really great idea-I thought I'd shrink my grocery list:
down by half, and print two per page (66%).
Then..I tried to fit just one more..and discovered I could fit five on a page by this point!

Well.  What you fail to realize is that when it's that tiny, it's hard to fill in blanks or even read it from it's clipped position on the cart! (I use a clothespin to clip it to the back of the "baby seat" kinda by my purse).
Ha!  Jokes on me.  So..if you decide to make your own grocery list (I used Excel since you can move stuff around easier, and change it-like when your kids no longer need diapers and baby food!), you should definitely stay at about two per page!  Unless you have super-powered bifocals or Superman vision.  I felt super-cool holding my list up near my eyeballs.

This weekend we had a really fun party: rock-wall-climbing! : )  She even wanted me to find just the right shirt for her.  She had a short-sleeved ivory one that had matching guitar jeans that said, "Girls Rock", but we couldn't find a long-sleeved one to go under it.  So..we found this bright pink Girl Scout one that had swirly letters and said the same thing!  She was so cute-and Rockin' the Rock!  I meant to get a picture.  She was nervous, but she was one of the first ones up:
There she goes! : )  (I had to run back to the van to get my camera-I didn't want to miss it!)
She decided she was quite high enough.  She probably went up about 10-12 feet.  I was so glad she tried!
We had been to the Borders sale last Saturday, and so had her friend, Faith (birthday girl!).  We quizzed her on what she liked there that she didn't get-we are so sneaky! Ha.  She had wanted this book called Finally, and after a long look..we found it! : )  I didn't want to get her just a book, so we got her a shirt, and I started putting her name on it in this tiny applique font.

You can see I didn't get far.  It kept messing up, and driving me nuts!  I had all these different colored fabrics to use, but Argh, it was not to be.  If I figure something out, I'll finish it, but it's yucked up and wasted right now.  If it hadn't started doing the lacy edging, I could've left it just outlined, but nope.  That's where it messed up.  I guess half of my stuff turns out, so I have to live with the mess-ups too.
Anyway, then we decided to make her a hair bow.  Mary Claire wanted to make her one that matches her soccer uniform, so we used medium pink, white, and black.  (Team colors = pink + black)  I wanted to use more than one ribbon, so we made a 7" harlequin diamond bow, then added black (with pink dots facing down) ribbons underneath, and 5" white/black Go Team! ribbon on the top.  And to personalize it, we added a pink gingham covered button with a cute black "F" for Faith!  Then we knew what to wrap her book and pink with the bow on top!
Mary Claire had soo much fun (and gobbled up the ahhh-mazing chocolate cupcakes with chocolate oreo frosting!)  I gave in and let her have two-one for me! (good ol' braces diet)!  (I know, I know-Diabetes.  But sometimes I like to pretend we left it at home.  She has to be 8, or she'll regret it and resent me.  I don't want to be so psycho that I ruin her childhood!  Her blood sugars were a little high Saturday night, but I knew she had new insulin, and it was worth that shared pleasure with the birthday girl!)
I'm thankful for her sweet friends.  I'm thankful for mine too!  I entered a contest today about friends (it's for a pair of books)-I've been blessed with some wonderful, God-loving ladies in my life, and I realize not everyone has someone to call on to pray for them (or make them laugh!).  I am praying that you have an awesome friend to warm your heart.  I would always love a new one! : )

I am a companion of all those who fear, revere, and worship You, and of those who observe and give heed to Your precepts.   Psalm 119:63


Kendra said...

Holly, you are a master at the grocery lists!! Aw, the things you've taught me. :)

Hallie Addington said...

You are one crafty Mama! I need you to teach me your tricks! That bow is Dah-ling! And you know - sometimes D DOES need to stay at home! Let her eat cake! You can deal with the bg later! :) Glad it was a fun time!

Holly said...

Kendra-HAhaa-and I've learned! : ) I love it-it saves me valuable TiME! : )
Hallie-thank you-I used to make more bows, but we are nearing the end, I can just feel it. I used to order matching ribbon, but now I just make solids, or two-color bows. We've entered *gasp* headbands and hats!
Girl-you are right-we have to LiVE! and her bg was manageable-I haven't been thrown any curve balls I can't manage. (YeT!) haha-just wait!