Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Laundry Love

Do you whine about doing laundry at all hours of the day?  Hate that there is always a load in your dryer?  That you are never done?  That you forgot a load in the washer-from yesterday?  That your kids can dirty clothes faster than you can clean them?

Are you ever thankful that you have a washer and dryer at your HOUSE?  We have a small project (not thought of me, BTW) called Laundry Love.  This Saturday we are going to be there to help carry in baskets of laundry, hand out coins and detergent for the machines, and then serve a soup lunch from 10:30-12:15, and then clean up from 12:15-12:30.  I don't know what more it entails, but I don't care.  If it means running machines, I'm up for that too.  Folding?  I'm pretty darn good at it (I get lots of practice!).  I've seen the Tide commercials, and I always think that I would love (yes, really!) to wash laundry in the midst of disaster-to bring back some smell of home, and a sense of decency.

I don't know who will come (to bring their laundry), but I'm already praying for them.  How hard would it be to come?  How humbling?  I pray that we will be as Godly, welcoming, and humble as possible, since this will be hard for them too.  I'm taking Clay and Mary Claire, since they need to serve others and recognize our blessings!  I'm sure we'll come away changed, and I'm excited. : )

Go and do likewise.  (from Luke 10:25-37)


Meri said...

What a wonderful thing to do!

Glad to discover a new fellow D Mama in the blogosphere!

Unknown said...

That's awesome :)

I LOVE this kind of stuff and it warms my heart knowing that you and your family are being active for God's mission!

Holly said...

You girls are so sweet, thank you!!
Wendy, we are trying! I want the kids to grow up and give back. They don't know how blessed they are.