Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I just have to write a quick post...I'm so excited!  I have made the *giant* step of purchasing a domain name for my blog!  I know it's not a big deal to any of you, but it means I'm going to be staying around for a while-hahaha!  AND I got it to link with my actual blog, which only God could help with-I was super confused! :o)

Now you can just type, and it'll open my page (it'll be functioning everywhere in three days).  If you type the old (busymom) address, it'll redirect you to the new site.  And it only took me two hours.  Ahh..computers, bless their hearts. (my Aunt Frankie talking-God love her!)

Hope ya'll have an awesome day!
ps-I forgot to tell you-I got the new CK one Summer fragrance (clean, melon, citrusy, and in their words: "clean, edgy freshness") last night at Macy's-it was the last bottle!  (I have to be careful there's something in Clinique's Happy that gives me a serious headache!  Then when I buy something similar, I have to give it away-I hope this one works for me!)  I've had CK (Calvin Klein's) One before, but the knowledgeable man told me they have a new one every summer!  Where have I been?  ..playing on my computer. ; )

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