Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Chocolate, Coke, TV, Computer, Facebook, Blogging (that wouldn't work out with the whole NaBloPoMo, would it?), Movies..trying to decide what to give up (or what to add for Lent)!
Yesterday was the big Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday (hence my delicioso chocolate nirvana last night!), and today begins Lent, the forty days before Easter.  It's a penitent time of suffering (remembering Jesus' forty days in the desert) before we celebrate Easter and the joyous resurrection of Jesus!

Ethan went to Mass for ashes this morning with his class, but we went as a family tonight.  He freaked out when we went up for ashes (he'd already had his, and he DID NOT want more!)-how embarrassing.  Then, he wanted to clean my head, it really stressed him out.

We talked at dinner about what to give up (we were all still undecided).  We've suggested giving up television as a family, since it's tempting when some of us are laughing like hyenas at Despicable Me (or The Office, as the case may be) and some of us are trying not to look.  We've done it before, and feels like sweet freedom being able to watch Regis and Kelly after missing 6 weeks of travel trivia, movie stars, and hilarity.  The only thing that holds me back is knowing Grey's Anatomy will be running new shows (thanks, ABC for not letting Lent hold you back)...I know, all for Jesus.

I've added Children's Liturgy, and I suggested adding family prayers every night along with a rosary a night.  I think it would be good practice for the kids, as we've never said a whole rosary (about 15 minutes) with all three kids!

Ok, I gotta go defend my faith over on Facebook, I got a girl making fun of Lent!  Hmph.  I'll have to church her.  Guess I won't be giving up Facebook, it's good for propagating the faith! heehee

Let the sacrificing begin!
P.s. You can join me!  What can you give up for forty days?

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