Tuesday, March 15, 2011


We had a little Happy in our family today!  Ches was at the Inn at Carnall Hall in Fayetteville on Sunday, and finally saw Mary Claire's ad (but it was their subscription, so he didn't snag it!)..so today, I finally got my hands on the Celebrate magazine with her JDRF ad in it!
I can be a mom, but I *love* it!  heehee
She's my girl, and of course it made me cry.  How much more do we have to do to find a CURE?  Labor, raise funds, party, walk, fundraise, make calls, send letters, mail in checks, beg, plead, advocate, do photo shoots, have silent auctions, form teams...

You are in this elite club you never signed up for, and it's aggressive-it's your job to work yourself out of the club.  It's super-hard to stay in your little hole taking care of your singular child--managing the highs and lows, pump sites and blood sugar checks, supplies and reorders (which the pharmacist forgot to reorder on Friday, so today..still no insulin pens), tears and lows, hyper and highs, recalled alcohol pads and IV Prep pads, meters running low on batteries, cute pump pouches and fashionable meter purses, parties and sleepovers, beeping and alarms, breakfast to dinner--and not to associate with the Diabetes World at large.

I had no idea when she was diagnosed what it would mean to not only my day-to-day life, but also to my future, my Now.  The scar tissue that develops when your child doesn't want to rotate sites out of their comfort zone (tummy/bottom), and the scarring is insulin-resistant, and you fear nuclear reactor radiation coming across the ocean, and panic over having enough supplies to stay inside your house (juice, water, insulin, meter test strips, lancets, batteries), and forget a radio-who needs to communicate-we need to stay ALIVE!

Ok, sorry..I meant to be more joyful about finding her picture, and ended up being realistic.  Oops, sorry.

*Back to Reality!  We had a CONTEST!*  So I have made a list of entries for our journal contest at random.org/lists, and I have decided to give the top TWO people a journal since I have two journals-why keep them to myself? : )
The first winner (Number 1 on the list) is Jen!  She will have her first pick (which I think was the Jesus journal?), and the second winner (Number 2 on the list) is April!  April, you win the extra journal-the lime green and black paisley one!  I'm so happy for both of you! : )

Just send me your list of up to 16 tabs you'd like in your journal, and if you need some sections to be bigger than others! (Groceries or Meals to be bigger than Christmas List or something!)  I hope that one tiny part of your life will feel more organized! : )
Thanks for playing : )

"You should never let adversity get you down-except on your knees."
Is any one of your in trouble?  He should pray..  James 5:13


Jen Snow said...

Yeah! :) Now I have to deceide what to put in there! I thought I knew, but the Christmas notebook sounds so handy too. I'll let you know asap!

Holly said...

Only you can decide! : ) Maybe I'll give another one away before Christmas! : )

Mary Ella said...

I am so excited, I never win anything! I will start making my lists for lists!!! Thank you! You are so creative I just wish I was more like you!

Holly said...

Yay-you did win!! : )
Ha-you are just perfect the way you are!!!!! I think you are awesome! : )