Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cookie Pusher

Girl Scout Cookies and me..we have a love/hate relationship.  I hate to love them, but I do.  We've been spreading Cookie Love for at least a month now..I feel like a dealer! : )  We deliver, take checks or cash, trade off at houses, parking lots, schools..such an exciting life! ; )  Today we worked a cookie booth in Fayetteville with lots of sweet girls learning the tricks of the trade.  heehee  No, seriously-they really learned confidence (to speak up and ask people if they wanted to buy-it was SO hard at first!), they learned to count change, talk with the customers who asked for advice and their favorite flavors, and to be patient with those invariable No's. : (  It's hard to take rejection, but we're truly teaching them to be honest and fair, friendly and helpful, courageous, respectful, and responsible-every bit of the Girl Scout Law!

Here are some pictures of the confident girls:
With the Very Huge Shampoo bottle campaigning out front on the main road for a salon!
They arranged their cookies in rainbow order-girls after my own heart! : )
I alternated helping with each group (on either side of the doors)-they'd get kind of down if the other side was selling more than them.  It's all about the call! ; )
We met Ches for lunch at Chick-Fil-A with all the kids, since they'd been gathering bags of donated food house-to-house for boy scouts, sorting it at the local elementary school, and then breaking for lunch before shelving it at our church's food pantry-two truckloads full!  It was an awesome harvest-thanks to our Springdale neighbors!! : )  And we're so blessed they chose our food pantry-they rotate, but we can use the food!

Now Ches and Clay are at baseball tryouts (it was supposed to be over by four, but it's looking more like six..).  It's been a really warm, 69 degree day!  Perfect for cleaning up the van and playing outside.  Ethan even put on his swimsuit and wanted to go swimming! (Not!)  He settled for a bath in his swimsuit. : )

I'm contemplating cookies for dinner, and I'm guessing I wouldn't be met with complaints.  Darn those addictive cookies.  If the profits weren't so healthy...

Ps-don't forget to leave a comment to win the personalized tabbed journal!  You can choose up to 16 tabs of your choice-your kids' names, and anything from meal ideas to prayer and blessing lists, grocery lists, to-do lists, months of the year, or you could even make yourself a Christmas notebook: gift list and ideas, meal plan, Christmas card list, and your favorite things to do!  Deadline is March 15th, 8pm! : )  You can read more here!


The Ware's said...

Cute pictures - I wish I could have been there but I know that Nora and Rose wouldn't have lasted... it's always fun to work the booths... now I even feel better knowing that the cookies will be out of my house for good after tomorrow! YAY! :o)

Holly said...

Thanks-they did a great job! I almost took Ethan, but we had LOTS of girls, and it would have been too much, so yeah, good thing you stayed home. : ) I missed seeing you though! : ) I bet you are excited-there were more left than I thought!!!

Jen Snow said...

If the contest is still going, I'd love to have one!! :) Please put my name in the bag! (I'd REALLY like the Jesus one) Fingers crossed! :)

Holly said...

You are entered, Jen! : ) And if you win, the Jesus journal is yours!!!