Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Crack the Bat!

The Phillies vs. Detroit Tigers game was our first stop today.
Check out those perfect circles in the center-how do they do that?

Sadly, we lost 6-2.  It was a good game-and boy, can they pitch!  They didn't have the ball speeds posted, but Cliff Lee is fast.  My favorite was seeing Detroit's number 34 (Clete Thomas):
Thomas on first base.
literally crack the bat on a ball.  Wood went flying, and the ball boy had to pick up the big slice that went flying!  He only made it to first, but it was impressive.  He was truly giving it all he had! : )  We saw some awesome playing: a Phillies double-play (got a man out on second, then threw it to first to get out another runner-in the same play!), beautiful pop flies caught, hilarious foul balls not caught by the Hooter girls (her mitt was in the air, yet the ball was fielded on the ground with her hand!), and topless guys sunning out on the berm on the big screen to the tune of "I'm Too Sexy" (the first man must have been in his 80's or 90's with sagginess, and the second spotted himself, flipped over and started doing push-ups--even funnier!).  Great game!
Good to see you again, Brighthouse Field : )

Then we had an appointment with Bosley.  We checked into them online about a month ago, and they have a consultation office in Tampa.  It went well, pretty fast, and we learned a lot.  They grade your hair loss, then tell you how many follicles they recommend you transplanting.  It's all down to a science.  Since they transplant follicles, they retain the DNA of the location they are coming from (usually from the back of the head to the front), so you don't lose them.  The Bosley doctors are "hair artists" (there are only about 24 surgery centers, I think), they put the follicles in at angles, feather in your hairline, etc.  I can't imagine Ches with too much hair, but he has lost some since we've been married.  I don't really care, but it's starting to bother him.  He doesn't really style his hair now, so I told him I didn't mind paying for it, if he'd style it! ; )  Yes, it's expensive.  Think buying a car.  The more follicles you transplant, the less you pay per follicle.  Each follicle has 1-4 hairs in it, like your natural hair growth.  Anyway, it starts around $9.50 per follicle and drops to $5.50 at 2200 follicles, the lowest price.  He is recommended to get 800-2400 follicles.  Do the math.  I love him, and we'll do whatever he wants.  If I wanted something radical, he'd give it to me.  Sweet man. : )

(and I snapped a picture of our cool black (rental) (Dodge Avenger) car-I think it has a hemi. heehee  I don't like to rent the little neon things (or whatever they're called now!), but it's always a meeting of price vs. coolness, don't you think? : )

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