Sunday, March 6, 2011


Mackenzie Thorpe is on my People To Be Watched list!  I visited the Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney today-and his art is precious.  My favorites of his are of big, smiley, happy faced kids:

This is one from the Pop Gallery that I loved! : )  (only $2000)

He says that when kids are young, their heads are bigger-they have not learned fear and racism and when we grow we impose restrictions on kids and ourselves and our world shrinks (read here), and read this. He has A Paradise, The Innocent, Skipping, and sculptures like Sitting on Love.  He had a huge sculpture on exhibit in Kansas City in 2007, but I didn't know about it.  I really wish I'd seen the HUGE Skipping:
It had to be carefully engineered to hold the weight of the bronze on that tiny jump rope.

How I Love You by Peter Smith
I also (metaphorically) met Peter Smith, and his zeppos (half zebra, half hippo!).  They are absolutely loveable and adorable, and I want some.  I found a small (6x6) print mounted, but it was $190, and I was ready to get back on a plane, so I didn't have room in my carry-on luggage or the time to make any decisions (also, I sure didn't have an okay from Ches to buy new art!).  Here are a couple examples:
Truly Madly Deeply by Peter Smith

Ok, the last artist I loved was Philippe Fernandez.  His daughter's heart had to be operated on when she was very young, and it inspired him to create such fantasy/fairy-like art, just beautiful and inspiring (see here or here on his Flickr page).

I couldn't include Philippe's art-they are copyrighted. : )  Just check them out, he is gifted.

I've been working on the is post for three days, I'm slow! : )  I keep finding more and more on them, and I want some new art.  I can't find the Hope prints that Philippe had for sale at the Pop Gallery, but the trees spelled out Hope.  He also did a special painting for the gallery (just for them!) that spelled out Love, but it was almost $5000, so I didn't get it.  Heehee

It's been busy, I'm so thankful to be home to love on my kids. : )  We've had pizza, played cards, been to church, and I taught Children's Liturgy (we take the kids in church out for the readings and the homily and fit the readings to them) today for the first time!  We did really well, and the kids were well-behaved (the best part!).  The lesson was on God's rules (the Bible and ten commandments) being like road signs, so I gave them little road signs (here from FamilyFun) to cut out and make at home.  On the bottom of the "stand" I wrote "God's rules are the road signs on the way to Heaven".  Maybe they'll remember to follow God's rules when they play with their cars or Barbie corvette! : )


Kendra said...

I love these!! So glad you guys got a fun trip together...thanks for sharing!!

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You guys make my day, thank you, SWEET FRIENDS! : )
We did have FUN!! I think we all need to get away together (minus kids), it = better parents!! heehee