Sunday, March 20, 2011

Baseballs and Bait

Oh golly...I've been (online) shopping!  I am still stalking that great blog makeover site again (remember the one that had the great SALE in January?), and I can't decide.  It's the worst!  They are backlogged anyway, but I didn't get on the list in January when I wanted to, so now we are looking at May!  I know all about waiting, I'm practically a professional now. : )

I can't decide between background papers or kits, and between photo- or scrapbook-style, whether to use Erin or Lauren as the designer, ahh..the indecision plaguing me right now!

They also want a Title, and I don't really have one as of late.  I changed from busymom-it made me feel stressed, so now I'm trying out Holly's Hope-hope for a CURE for Mary Claire's diabetes and hope for my uterus and future babies. : ) I'm not all out of hope (or faith), and that alone fills me with hope!  God has a plan for me. was our first Saturday of Spring Break (excepting that the kids have to go to school on Monday and Tuesday..), so we did what spring-breaking families do: baseball practice, talking on the phone, park, eating out, church, Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart, and...straightening the lines on our fishing poles and stocking up on baseballs (2 crate-fulls!) and bait!  We are Ready.

I took one reel all apart, and got it straightened out, added weights, and it's ready to roll reel.  The other one is nicer, and it needed to be rethreaded over the spinning-around thing (technical term) so it would release.  They are all fixed up.  Clay was adorable-he was so intent on fishing (after he got his newest Boys' Life magazine focused on fishing!).  He was even willing to use string and a paperclip on a stick in a pond (couldn't you just eat him up?)!  I just couldn't let his determination go unnoticed; it's so sweet to watch him persevere despite the odds (and lack of good equipment!).

He'll get to go fishing in a local park tomorrow-we just ran out of time today.  There is no permit required if you are under 16 (thanks, Springdale!).  Now my only question is: who will gut the (theoretically caught) fish?  (followed by a close second: then what?)

Biggest Surprise today?  We went to Chili's tonight, and Mary Claire got her usual hamburger and fries.  After her blood sugar was over 200, got her insulin and correction bolus, she decided not to eat all of it. (First Time Ever!)  I did a tiny Freak Out, then checked to see if she'd gotten all of her insulin-nope!  I stopped the square wave slowly going in over 30 minutes, and did some quick math.  She'd already gotten too much!  Agony.  I realized it was only 3 tenths too much, and decided to risk it since she'd had chips too and always goes high after Chili's.  Get this.  She was 94 at bedtime!  Score! : )  (like SO rare in my world, so I had to share!)  (did that sound Valley Girl?  'Cause I used to totally be one.  In fifth grade.  Like, my name was Valley (according to rules, it ended in -y, Bonus!), and all things gagged me with a spoon!) (as if!) (I should go to bed now, so whatever.)

It is super-hard to follow Valley with Jesus, but can He ever be left out?  I think not.

Blessed are those whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the LORD their God.  Psalm 146:5


Jen Snow said...

I am so impressed! Luke and Faith like to go fishing but I don't even know how to fix the reel. LOL :) I'll cook them after the guts are removed. Does that count? :)

Jen Snow said...

by the way... I love the new name! :)

Holly said...

Heehee-thanks!! : ) I like to buy frozen or fresh fish (filets) (that don't resemble live things), IF I cook fish. Fish is really something better eat OUT! ; )

and thank you! I'm trying it out, and I like it better! : ) They asked all the questions about what I wanted for a layout/words/pictures, and I DON'T KNOW! : ) what to do??