Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda

Ok, guess what I should be doing now? Yep-Laundry! What am I doing? Not Laundry!

I'm back in my groove. I've checked Facebook, updating the blog, uploading pix to my computer, and Wal-Mary stuff! Not boring old laundry. There will be plenty of time for that. : )

I get my hair done tomorrow, so excited! That always makes a new me. Feels fresh and fun! So, woohoo, Me! : )

Ok, airplane toilets are not made for two people. Namely, a small child and an adult. Less so for a small person who the big person forgot took off their shoes. Ick. Big Time. Note to commercial airplane designers: make at least one combo bathroom. I know you want me to spend as little time as possible in there, and believe me, I will get out asap (except see below). It's just so hard to manage! The postitive in the tiny compact space. He could stand on the toilet and reach the sink-it was just the right height! : ) Small Thankfulness.

Ps-Don't take more luggage than you can carry. Even with all hands on board, i.e. everyone's hands maxed out. Adds to stress. And NO junk/boxes/stuffed animals to be carried on. More stress. Ps: and stuffed animals do NOT get their own seats and snacks (like today). It was a Special Occasion (Low Occupancy Plane and Patient Flight Attendants).

Vacations Add Weight. Yes, baggage. But body too. I always come home with more than I left with (baggage and body).

Edit your camera pix on the plane to take out the blurred ones and icky ones. Saves time all the way around.

Don't take more vacations (or vacations pix) than you can "Scrapbook". This trip, I'm printing the pictures, slapping them into a premade photo album, adding some comments, and I'm done. Really. This scrapbook thing is out of my reach at the current moment. And the video was a great idea, but I'm still not done with the Disney one, so nix that idea too. Maybe when they're older I'll scrapbook all these vacations. Yeah, I don't think so either.

Sides of the road are not meant to be bathrooms. And you should go when one (that is, a clean, flushable restroom with running water, soap, and a door) is offered to you (and commanded). No names, but listen up. Ps: helps if you have shoes on too. If you decide to totally take undies/shorts off, it sucks to have icky sharp, dried grassy bits stuck to the bottom of your feet, then transfer into your undies on redressing. Little Itchy. Just FYI.

Your extra admission from this mom today: I went to the bathroom on every flight. If only to sit there and look at myself (yes, spending too much time), just to have a break and 10 cubic feet of emptiness around me. Well, empty except for a tiny sink, mirrored walls, paper products, and a call button in case I panic. What exactly would I call her for? Hmm..thought on that one for a while in there. Ok, what's yours? Coolest (real) admission wins a 2009 JDRF Mary Claire's Friends Who Care (about diabetes, but your funk too) Team T-shirt. : ) How's that for prizes?

Ok, that's just about all the excitement I can share legally. Very thankful to be home (although I still feel like I'm moving after the 100 mile-an-hour headwinds we flew into and all the turbulence). Thank you for safe travel prayers. My family thanks you.

Ps-wanna pray for Ches? He hasn't ridden his bike in a week, and he's freaking out. He rode off into the *dark* about 40 minutes ago. An absolute no-no, but he's losing it. Please, God, help him find it . : )


Gigi said...

Good morning and welcome back to Arkansas. It is wonderful that the Lord has blessed you with another holiday and you had fun and are safe and sound as well as the sweeties attached to your ankles..

Ches will be fine...not to worry..just wave bye and send him for a long bike ride. (With a safety helmet and a caution flag too).

Nothing has changed much, well except BIG DOG is shedding more than ever and I am gone most days until dark-thirty. Of course I am looking forward to your input on my project as well.

The living area is now a stark cream and needs a few bold accents. What do you have in mind? We still need to offset the massive fireplace.

The goal for today is to finish painting the living room, begin painting in the kitchen, move to the utility room. Tonight will be moving furniture, therefore we are moving along, so to speak. If you want the bed out of the green room, call me in advance so I can prepare. We should have a list of items to move as well. (And some items can be moved tomorrow, I guess?)

We can always do a 'study' with desk/bookcase/chair, etc. There remains the possibility of turning the bed that is already there sideways under a window and making a daybed out of it with a array of cutsey pillows? Then throw in a lamp and call it good..

""Coolest real admission wins a 2009 JDRF MARY CLAIRE'S FRIENDS WHO CARE T-shirt.. ""

How about a new magazine with gorgeous new home ideas and maybe a fresh cotton towel (like they get in first class)to dry your hands with and a soft, fluffy rug to rest your feet upon? Makes going to the restroom relaxing and comforting. Then maybe your own personal lime scented soap or apple scented soap, liquid of course?

Let me know if I win. Huh, huh, huh...huh??

Now you know why I travel so lightly. At the end of each excursion you say to yourself, "Where did all that stuff come from?" And sometimes one has to buy a separate bag to come home.. (Pentagon Mall)

C'est la vie


Gigi said...

One correction on comment from yesterday is the Southern Valley Golf Course, it is the:


Thank you for correcting me. I don't play golf or have familiarity with golf courses but I know they scoot their silent little carts right by the fence all the time with their leather bags of chrome/steel/titanium golf clubs and their jaunty little hats and shorts and shoes.

I went to a golf club in Bella Vista once. It was an experience I won't ever forget. I think it was Loch Lomond...

Holly said...

I'll see you tonight-I have tons of stuff to bring over! I'm trying to print the list I made..It's not working very well. : (

I got blinds and stuff at WM, so I'll bring them. : )