Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Near 9 Day

Really poopy. That's how his breath smells. I thought I'd throw up in the middle of story time tonight. : P I hate to say negative things, but it is just true. He was eating cabbage (raw. He's a strange eater.) while I was reading. There were three kids around me, so I really had to ask what that awful smell was. I thought maybe it'd been too long since I'd smelled raw cabbage, and maybe it'd turned moldy? Nope. He's just been away from home since yesterday (without a toothbrush), and it's putting a serious cramp in his style! (and breath). Ugh. I can still smell it. I've been telling Ches for ever that he needs to go to an ENT to get checked. He can't hear, sleeps/eats/breathes with his mouth open, and always has allergies/stuffy nose. I KnOw it's a problem. I think since it's not life-threatening like diabetes, I tend to put it on the back burner. He's brushed twice and mouthwashed three times. Yep, can still smell it.

On another note (or is it similar?), my laundry level has been down. Small Cheer! The child who's been away wore the same clothes for two days (and slept in them), so that's half a load less, at least! Then Mary Claire and Ethan have been generally wearing their jammies till 3 or 4 when they switch to swim suits, then afterwards, put on clean jammies. Much less laundry! I can't say that it's super-hygienic, but it's nice to have a small laundry-vacation (Laundracation?) every now and then!

Funny: when I called Mom on her cell phone, she wanted to call me back on her land line so she didn't get cancer in her libido. : ) Heehee, she makes me laugh!
*Sometimes you really can hear a buzzing sound in your ear, and you can feel the radiation coming right into your head!*

I read this good quote, and maybe it sums up why I'm overwhelmed!
"Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense." -Gertrude Stein
I hear so much (books, tv shows, email, facebook, ads, magazines, junk mail, personal recommendations, news on tv or papers), it's real work to filter out the important things. I'm now trying to get enough calcium (since most women only get an average of 868 grams a day, but need 1200), eat more fruits and veggies (and less meat and Coke), treat every opportunity with my kids as super-valuable (lest it be their last), I have added earthquake insurance (just in case, since eastern Arkansas is on a fault line), let my kids play in the kitchen with food, pots, bowls, and spoons as I make dinner (yes, I got this in an email about two-year-olds getting too much tv as moms make dinner). You get the idea, I'm overwhelmed with recommendations! So, I guess I've lost my common sense. I'm going to work on that. I'm adding it to the list. It looks like this so far:
1. Work on memory.
2. Work on common sense.
3. Finish hanging curtains in breakfast room.
4. Stay on task.
5. Find church envelopes. (or call and ask for more)
6. Skip reading for a while?

Ok, need I tell you I had an awesome time in church today? I think I've already told like 6 or 7 people (maybe 3 before I left church even?). Ethan went to the nursery today, and I got to LiStEn in church today! : ) I mean pretty much. Aside from the running commentary on Bella. (the unicorn) She had a nap, then her momma woke her up, and told Bella she could sleep after church. She tried my ring on her horn, tried my bracelet on as a necklace, snuggled with me, had her diaper changed twice, prayed, kneeled, waited on us while we were gone, sang songs, etc. I told MC if Bella didn't reign it in, she couldn't come back to church. (Mean, wasn't I?) I was really trying to hear. Mary Claire just wants to know how many more songs till church is over, and asks at the most crucial parts of Mass. This is why seven year olds aren't old enough to receive (or respect) communion. Ok, so despite all the Bella-action, I still had a great church day! I didn't hear screaming (except from Other People's kids-doesn't bother me!), didn't have to wrestle anyone, had no choo-choo noises, and no potty breaks (except before and after church)! All and all, a near "9" experience. Pretty good in my book. I figure I'll raise my standards when my kids are older.

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