Saturday, July 25, 2009

Could words really fail me?

I’ve finally gotten a few minutes (or 3 hours, whichever you look at it) to write a little. We are headed to DC now. We are getting ready to cross the Delaware state line on Hwy 295 (if you are mapping out little tour…).

Thursday, Ocean City, NJ
It rained on the drive to Ocean City, and Clay whined most of the way to the beach. He was so upset that the weather would ruin our trip. When we were stopped in traffic on the Expressway (ironic, huh?), we got to see the wildflowers growing in the medians and shoulders. They value flowers more than we do in Arkansas. Anyway, we prayed to be optimistic (and the kids prayed for the rain to stop). We drove to Ches’ Aunt Rita’s beach house (on Asbury and 14th, two blocks from the beach-just perfect). We had some lunch (Taylor Pork sandwiches), and hung out on the porch. Karen’s husband, Joe, played the guitar for us and we sang along. He plays by ear, so if we told him a song, he played along with our singing. He taught us some songs (he’s from the Philippines, and knows tons of Elvis!) and some of the old hymns and songs (like 16 tons and Michael, Row the Boat Ashore), and even humored me with Takin’ It Easy by the Eagles, one of my favorites.

I also went up Asbury with Karen and Suzanne (Ches’ Aunts) to some of the cute shops. There were 3 Ta-Da!s (resort clothing, jewelry, shoes, etc.), a chocolate shop, a jewelry shop, doll shop, decorating shop (this and the jewelry shop were my favorite!)… There were more, but we headed back to help with dinner. Clay was too busy having so much fun with his cousins-running from room to room playing chase, computers, videos, etc. He stayed behind, but Mary Claire went with me. Ches and Ethan hung out and went for a walk.

We had margaritas, more singing, chips and salsa, and then people started arriving. I didn’t know that there’d be so many! A lot of Ches’ family goes to the beach on the same week or two, and they are together on the beach, then together every night for dinner. They take turns at different beach houses, which is just genius. So, we had a great Mexican dinner, then we walked down to the beach as the sky finally cleared up. They just HAD to see the sand and beach! I got a few good pictures of the sunset and the kids playing in the sand. Ethan wouldn’t leave!! : ( We promised to come back the next day.

When we got back, there was a great game of Scrabble going on the porch, and of course, I went around to each player to help. And I did! It was great. Around 10 or 10:30, we gathered up the playing (but tired;) kids, and headed back to our hotel. It was about an hour’s drive, so the kids passed out in the car! We carried them in, and put them straight to bed.

Friday, Ocean Citiy, NJ
Again, we bathed everyone, packed swimsuits, picture clothes, and back to the shore! It was finally a beautiful, sunny day, and because of yesterday, the kids knew to appreciate today!! They were finally thankful. : )

We had lunch then changed into picture clothes. I knew there’d be no time in the evening to take pictures, and by then we’d be all dirty and not so cute. We met some more family at the beach, took our pictures (they helped!), and went back to change. I don’t even think we were there 20 minutes! The kids just wanted to swim and play in the sand, so it was heading south quickly.

Beach Time!
We played all afternoon in the waves (the tide was high!), the sand (and sand puddles), under the pier, and Ethan ran all over (big surprise!). He ran to other people’s sand castles/piles/holes, ran across other people’s territory, chased the seagulls, tried out other shovels, ran into the waves-scary, and only ran off once. Ches was gone to take Clay to the bathroom, and I was trying to get Mary Claire’s pump plugged back in (there was sand in it!). We were all busy trying to rinse out the site, and Ethan ran off-even with about 8-10 people around. Danger Boy we still call him. A stranger came up and asked us if he was ours. He’d ran off with a bucket in each hand, headed south on the beach! I ran after him, and carried him back. Thank God for other moms at the beach.

One heart attack later (and one coming on), we left. If I couldn’t get her pump to plug back in, we were quickly heading back to our hotel to change her site!! : O After the outdoor showers for everyone (and an intense headache), I got her pump in. It wasn’t tight, but it’d work. Next was medicating me, and feeding the ravenous lions. They ate everything in sight! Ches went to get more food and drinks, and they kept eating! Dinner was later tonight-around 6:30 or 7 (you lose time at the beach). We had spaghetti, salad, tons of parmesan (especially for our little cheese lover!), and French bread-just what we needed. Everyone else was planning to head down to the Boardwalk for a night out. We knew we were headed to DC in the am, so we left early-by 8:30.

Wednesday, Washington, D.C.
Here we are. Today. Currently chaos. We are traveling to DC. We’ve already been through Delaware and now Maryland. The kids are going crazy in a vehicle with no tv/video. Or should I say I’m going crazy? We pulled over for a Performance bike store and Ches got a new helmet. We stopped to eat at Olive Garden when no one was very hungry, and it took way too long. Now the kids are fighting, jealous, noisy, etc. Mary Claire is jealous that Clay’s seat will lean back, and that he got to play with games on Ches’ iPhone (even though she was busy coloring). Ethan has a broken pacifier that he chewed a hole in, and we had to pull over to get his blanket from a suitcase (I washed it yesterday and was trying to preserve the Clean Moment).
I’ve now (thank God for me) found a Christian radio station (the first), and yelled at the kids to be quiet/time out for 10 minutes (but not exactly in that order). I must get at least 10 minutes to restore my sanity!

Words are beginning to fail me. (Yes, surprising.) We are now navigating through lots of 95’s looking for 295 towards Baltimore. Confusing, and requiring my brain power, as I am our GPS (almost as good).

Prayers Needed:

Patient kids (and heck, patient parents too!)
Safe passage
Enriching museums
Words to Come (especially the right verses at the right times so as to soothe me)


Gigi said...

So glad to finally hear from you. The silence either said "I am going nuts" or "I am having the time of my life". Just take deep breaths and smile a lot. Glad you got to meet lots of new family and had a great time. Have fun and be safe! L&H

Gigi said...

GREAT the beach..

Everyone looks happy and relaxed..


Holly said...

Thank you!! ...And a little of both! : )