Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tooth Fairy Delayed. Again.

Tooth Fairy had a broken wand again. Or since she was sleeping on two pillows, the 'Fairy was confused. Or since she left her a dime (maybe hoping her generosity would be repaid with interest?) with her note (To the Fairy), maybe she was confused, and thought someone had already been by our house. To be safe, Mary Claire took out the note (and the dime), and only slept on one pillow tonight. Then I only had a twenty in my wallet. So inappropriate. I improvised. I found an unused church offering envelope of Clay's (from when he spent the night with Gigi and didn't go), so I took that dollar, and found a $2 bill in the junk drawer, tied them up all cute-sy, and snuck them up there. I checked her, and she was only 61. Dilemma. If I give her juice or sugar tablets to chew, she'll wake up, find the money (you KnOw she'll check under there!), wonder how the tooth fairy came with us awake (I'll have to make up more lies..), so. I reduced her basal rate to 10%, and it's almost time to check her again.

Very quick, as it's already 11:09pm...

Library, new books, a number 2 in the potty chair, lunch of veggie pizza, black beans, and apples, a NaP (even for me!), yummy stir fry dinner with my Jody's home-grown squash and zucchini, swimming, tanning for me (and Harry Potter for Ches..), tons of stories for the kids (including my precious Winnie-the-Pooh, two Maisy books, Rainbow Fish, Big Machines, and Vidia and the Fairy Crown), baby up till 10:10 playing "sleeping bag" in his pillow, and a dry pull-up after nap today (miracle?)! Oh, and Mary Claire low for the second time. ??

I'm exhausted, still very little voice (so I complained that Mary Claire's Ugly Unicorn book was too long), yet read Pooh's Chapter II (Clay reminded me it was old-timey number 2), Pooh in a Tight Spot (my title).

Not much more to say. Tired (did I already say that?). I should start earlier in the day.

I know I already told you this. But, it's for a friend, so bear with me. And it's a totally cute joke.
Q: What are the two dirtiest animals on a farm?

A: Brown chicken, brown cow.

And I have another friend who called her cute profile pictures on Facebook "Brown Chicken, Brown Cow". (We've done this, but it's like 70's sexy music bow chika bow wow.) Ok, she's really young, so it makes it even cuter! : )

ps-MC is now 129, so all's well. : ) Only one more check for the day: the midnight shift, and Ches shall do it.

pps-He says Harry Potter was good, and the mentor died. I have no idea what that means. I have not read/seen any of them. But apparently, it was tragic, but good. There was a kiss, an implied sexual encounter, some language, so it's a no for Clay. (Ches said it was milder than Transformers which Clay saw, and I have not been able to figure out how to suck the memory away in the name of Saving My Child's Ears, Brain, and Memory!).


Gigi said...

Sometimes I can't think of anything to say. Can you even imagine that?

So hello and have a great day...


Holly said...

I can NOT imagine that!! : O

You are full of it. heehee : ) Words, I mean. Thanks, hope you have a great day too! I love the pram!! : ) It's just beautiful!

We'll see you in a little bit! : )