Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Are babies contagious?

Confessions continue. Clay has requested to go to confession a couple of times. We say we'll take him, then totally forget! Well, he told Ches of his big thing, and Clay feels an ounce better, but we still keep forgetting to take him! I know it's important to him and I have to make it a priority. Now, he's just come in to 'fess up again. He (in his teary, strained voice) just told me the Breathe Right strips don't really help him breathe better. They did the first night, but not anymore. So (since I'm a little busy/preoccupied), I asked if he was even wearing them all night (yes). He wanted to know what he could try next (like I know) (besides a little Benadryl nightcap). When I didn't have a new answer, he took off, all cleansed of "sin".

Clay wants a response to a note he wrote me a couple days ago (remember the scotch tape?). He really had written me, and wanted to know if he could have his Lionel (both birthday and Christmas) train early!!! Please? he wrote and drew a picture of a boy with Bambi-eyes. I'll post the pix of the note, it makes me laugh. He wanted me NOT to respond, but to write a response. He was very specific. I guess hoping I'd think on it longer than to just say, "No!"

Laundry is calling my name again. I'm playing Hide-and-Seek. If it doesn't find me, I don't have to play!

And just ask if in the crazy of my non-voice if I've had time to call Medtronic. So, that cute little bill is calling me too. I have half a voice today (rejoice!), so maybe I can call tomorrow. I keep forgetting until after their business hours!

So, today I've few moments to catch up with a great friend, Bible Study with all the pregnant girls and two moms with new babies (is it in the water?), and a wonderful afternoon sewing with Kendra! : ) I got so much done! I finished the pants for the first flower dress. They have three words (Mary Claire chose): flowers, polka dots, and unicorns written on them. Then I added a polka dot fabric ruffle to the bottom of the legs, and a big 3D flower to the back of one leg. It turned out better than I thought it would! I have the Paris ones to complete. I made them out of size 7 jeans, so I ReAlLy hope she can wear them till spring! I'd hate for all that work to be for naught.

So, I went back to my doctor, and got an antibiotic. He scolded me for the sunburn on my back (since I tanned last night for like, 11 minutes-which I'll explain in a minute). I told him we could not talk about it (for One, he shouldn't have been looking, for Two, it's none of his beeswax). Hopefully, the cocktail of meds will begin to work their magic, and I'll be shouting with the best of 'em!

Ok, so I tanned. Confession? maybe. It was wonderful, those few minutes alone in the sun with my iPod. Ahh, like the good ol' days. I dropped Ches and the kids at the park nearby, then headed for the (artificial) sun. I reviewed my account, the advantages of lotions (and which ones..), then headed off to grab some rays. I lotioned up with my brozer with tingle (forgot to wipe between my fingers), and pushed the button to start it up! Laid down, and. Forgot. the. fancy. goggle/glasses. I peeked my head out the door, and looked for Nice Helpful Girl. Nowhere to be seen. I called for her (missing my sunshine!), and nothing. I grabbed the towel, ran for the counter, and swooped some goggles, and ran back in to my room (2nd door away!). Thank sweet Jesus (really.) that no one was anywhere to be seen (or better yet, to see me!). I wasn't all Bare, but still. Embarrassing. Oh the things you forget. Anyway, we reviewed when I came out. I'd forgotten to wipe out between my fingers (see above), and now I had brown cobwebs between my fingers. Very uncool. She said to rub them with my towel after I took a shower. Yeah, that didn't work. So, I learned a lesson. The hard way. You can bet it won't happen again! : )

I'm making dinner for a family that just had a baby (rejoice! Another!), and I love Potato and Corn Chowder. I found tons of recipes for Summer Corn Chowder (using the In Season Corn along with red bell peppers). What do you think? We do live in modern housing with air-conditioning, but is it too hot for a yummy comfort soup (for a new-again mom)? Recommendations? Come around to my way of thinking? Indulge me? Convince me?

*If you read this blog, and do NoT reply, you may consider yourself fined $5 payable to JDRF in the next 24 hours. : ) Thanks and leave some great comments! : )


Gigi said...

Corn Chowder is easy, although hot, and the new and happy Mother will probably love it.

Go for it.

Maybe some brownies as well?


Is this my fault? YIKES! Not a good idea..



I just got home at ten-thirty p.m. I got a lot done, but not enough. Dollie is a worker!

Hope the Rx works..


Holly said...

Well, it's pretty easy to make, and I love it!! I'll double it, and keep some for us! And yes, brownies would be a great idea! I'll put pecans on top-that always makes yours taste better : )

I watch Jimmy Kimmel, so I'm not a Letterman fan. But,it'd be a good interview. Your wording is funny, I thought you meant something totally different until I read the Yay.

I think the meds are working, but not much voice. I wake up with no voice, but I get better as the day goes on... : )