Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My FaNcY new pan! Shopping for the coolest stuff!

Redundancy is not cool. Redundancy is not cool. (just had to, sorry!) I mean, everyday I feel like saying, "Today was so busy!"

Let's see. Bible study, laundry (between errands), made lunch for the kids, Ches came home, I ran to get Mom for the Friend Lunch Wednesday (her car is on the fritz, and she doesn't trust it), then lunch till 2:30, two quick errands and some ice cream, I ran her home, we took Italian Reading Room pix, called Ches to see if he could make it alone for dinner/evening, and we took off again. Sam's for groceries, shopping for lamps (entry way-to match the table we put together Monday afternoon!) and great greeting cards (I bought way too many-they were all so great), then WM for more stuff and groceries, then took Mom home, unloaded, set up lamps, then back home. : ) And here I am to greet you, sweet reader. : )

I was supposed to make some sippy cups, but alas, it's too late now. I have to get to bed so I can rest up for tomorrow's excitement! Tomorrow is library and story time for Ethan, (monogram sippys maybe?), pick up the order (that I was suppose to get today..), call Medtronic to argue about our latest bill. (insert much throat-clearing here)

How did our expected copay of just jump up over $500? Don't think so. We got the new pump (remember our fun Disney/Florida/tragedy-turned-relief shipment?), returned the loaner plus our old one, but I think they failed to give us the $500 credit for returning the old one. I'll get to the bottom of it tomorrow while I multitask: make dinner, talk on the phone (uh-I mean, stand on hold), hold a waking-up toddler, empty his potty-chair, demand the kids turn down the tv and put away their laundry, and possibly empty the dishwasher.

Ok, did I mention the FaNcY new pan I got today? It's a fabulous new saute pan with handles on both sides, and a glass lid. It's 5 quarts, which I can't even imagine! I could feed, like 3 more kids or something! Wow. I even bought a Hamburger Helper mix to try it out. I couldn't think of anything else to put in it besides stir-fry, and Mom kept naming fried things: pork chops, eggs, etc. I was thinking veggies, kinda like Chinese or even bell peppers for fajitas. So, I compromised, and I'll fill our guts with meat and noodles tomorrow (while I'm on hold!). Anyway, I shoud tell you why I got it. I had this shower last month (well, a had a few, but it was a wedding shower), and the bride got all these fancy new things that I'd never even thought about. I seriously take pans for granted. I've had the saute pan I use the most since before I was married, and never even think twice about it! But this one (I think) is magical! It'll make me a better cook! It'll be easier to wash! It'll last twenty years! It parted me with my money, didn't it? Sometimes you don't even know you need something till you take five minutes to think about it. I've been looking at them for a while, but today, I commited (it totally helped that it was on sale)! I'll let you know how well it performs. I shall go before you into Saute Pan World, and send word.

In other boring news, my baby peepee'd twice in the toilet while I was at Bible Study! Yay! I didn't take the potty chair with us, so that alone was big. I was so proud of him! I also checked out pull-up vs. diaper prices for our continued nap/nighttimes. If you would like the info, Sam's diapers (size 4) were 22 cents each, and their pullups (size 2T-3T) were 32 cents each. At WM, the diapers were 24.5 cents each, and their pullups were 35 cents each. I think I'll keep him in diapers for sleepy times for a while longer. Not a big price difference, but over the next 6 months, it'd be a $36 difference (two pullups a day x 6 months). I'm strange that way. I can blow $600 on shopping, and not blink an eye, but other things I totally evaluate. Must be my emotional connection at a clothing store. (and no attachment whatsoever to pullups)

ps-my fave button on my keyboard is the delete-x which deletes from the right. Super cool, and I miss it on my laptop. Useless info, but all in the name of knowledge. It's power, right!?

Love you! and I wish you happy shopping days, full-moon evenings with chocolate, sweet husbands who allow you to run wild, and people who care about your pullup prices! (maybe)


Gigi said...

~~Busymom is a Busymom~~

The moon was absolutely gorgeous last night, especially around nine p.m. until ten p.m. It is like it is glowing gold and ivory. A perfect full moon indeed!

Here's hoping you set Medtronic straight..

And the pan, such a nice pan. I have had one similiar for twenty or more years (the guarantee on the cardboard actually has a REAL price tag stuck to it in case I ever have to return it..NOT). Also, we have to remember to get a couple more boxes of dishes....

Mark is on the way to mow therefore I have to get around and put away the groceries from last evening.

Love and hugs~~~~

p.s. If you want sippy cup help, ironing, cutting, etc., let me know.

Holly said...

geez, that would be awesome, thankS!! Susan doesn't need them till Monday, I think, so it's not such a rush now! : )

I actually forgot to call Medtronic, but now it's moved till tomorrow! : O

Ps, if it's in the days of sticker pricing, there's no hope of a return!! ; )