Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lost and Honest (but not about being lost)!

I seriously need to be packing up for home instead of playing around on the computer. I have now caught up with my email, facebook, and here I am blogging. Maybe I'm procrastinating? I can't figure out how to get all the stuff we brought plus all our new stuff back in our suitcases. We almost always send stuff (like dirty laundry) home in a box via UPS. We planned to try to not do that this time. We exercised restraint. And still. The bed is full, the bags are full, ugh. But, the kids are *almost* asleep, and that counts for a lot!

(Philadelphia Center City, Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Philly cheese steaks, gift shops, Love Sculpture in JFK Plaza, Chestnut Hill shopping, dinner at Rita's and more fun for the kids!)

Lost things:
1. Blow Up Toys:
We managed to retrieve the lost (new) floaties we'd brought, but didn't get to use. We left them last week when we stayed at this hotel (different room). I have asked about them a couple times, and got them back this morning!

2. Ches' iPhone:
At a restaurant today, my phone rang, and it said it was Ches' Cell Phone. When I asked him if his butt was calling me (not really), he said he didn't have it, so I answered it. It was a human. He'd found the phone and was calling the number most often called. Long story short (rare): Ches ran down to O-Doodles Toy Store where the guy was (I assumed it was an employee-not), Ches came back with no phone, I went down there, and got it from a customer who was reluctant to speak up about having it, or to even give it to me! Talk about weird.

3. Ethan's Beloved Kiki:
What a Potential Disaster! We were driving away from Ches' Aunt Rita's house, when we discovered Ethan's blanket missing (because he'd already kicked his shoes off, and he WaNtEd it!!)! We called her (she was driving us, leading us out of town), and then called the house, and Kelly, Ches' cousin, said she'd find it. We drove back by, grabbed it (thank you, God and Christian!), and then proceeded to leave. Funny. The big Leaving Party, and then we come back. heehee

Okay, must pack. Really. And get to bed. I talked to Mom last night till 12:51, and so I'm tired. I'll see you on the other side! : ) Pray for our safety on our drive, two planes, and drive home from Branson!

New Thing (and you can join in anonymously), Honesty 101:
Today, I had leftover chocolate peanuts from Ocean City, and I won't take them on the plane, so I tried to eat the remainder of a pound. By myself. While Ches was doing the first tuck-in of the kids. My gallbladder hurts now.

What thing do you care not to admit, but you will?


The Ware's said...

Good luck on the trip home - just think... that was me a few days ago by myself doing that traveling - it's nice to have another grown up around to help! Talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

What can I admit? How about the delicious pleasure I am consuming daily flipping this house. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.. It has consumed me..not to mention I have done such a fantastic job WITH NO BUDGET. (Fantastic if I do say so myself, of course YOU will be doing the staging).

Come one, come all....

If anyone is looking for a fifteen hundred square foot home with double car garage, a fifteen hundred square foot shop with two massive overhead doors and with heat and air AND 1.15 acres of beautiful country home north of Cave Springs, please let me know.

The home is adjacent to the Southen Valley Golf Course, therefore on the building lot you can build an additional two story home overlooking the golf course and specifically the ninth hole.

Please have good credit as well to qualify for this gem of a house..

See? Talk about guilty pleasure, I need to be doing this for a living and earn real money...

Now, about meeting a stranger to retreive the Iphone..hmmm...methinks you should be careful.

And if there are any chocolate covered peanuts left when you get home, we will eat them on Friday. Kapish?

Safe journey, much love..

busymom said...

Sandra!! ok, you are right. I did have help, and I can't even imagine. It's rough. Especially managing bathrooms and carry-ons. We had to take turns so someone could stay with all the stuff. And car seat! Ick. ANd I forgot I have my hair at 10am tomorrow, so I can't take the kids to storytime!! Sorry.
: ( We'll be there next week though! : )

Shadow Valley, Mom.

It was in a toy store with lots of other adults around. And he was with a woman. And it was my HuSbAnD's Fault!

Kapish, half a pound left maybe? Could not even consume them all today!! : )