Monday, July 20, 2009

When we can say what we think

I took my precious Sunday off (from writing, not from life!). Ethan got up at 4:44a, busy morning (lots of laundry/packing!), we went to church, lunch at home, lazy afternoon (naps for some of us!), grilled dinner, Ches swam with the boys, and then I played outside till 8:45 with the kids on the driveway. Great day!

We are gearing up for our next trip-to Philadelphia, Ocean City, PA, and Washington, DC. We leave Wednesday, so I have to get busy. I've been doing the laundry, matching up outfits for the kids, etc. I shopped a little for the trip last week. I've got new floaties/rings for the kids at the beach, new small-size play-doh for restaurants and the plane, they each got a new toy for the trip, I have new crayons and coloring books, and I got them new chapter books to read on the way. Ches also got Ethan some new Thomas the Tank Engine movies stored on his iPhone for the plane. Ethan has this tendency to kick the person sitting in front of him, so we have to distract him.

I have such great friends! : ) I watched Kendra's dog, Mady, this weekend, and she's going to watch my pool next week! I love it. Actually, maybe she got the short end of the stick. We'll be gone for longer, so I hope it doesn't get to be too much work! We are forecast to have some storms, which means she'll probably have to drain some water off the pool on Thursday. : ( I hope it even stays warm enough for her and the kids to swim!! With the temperature dropping lately (in July?!), the water temp has dropped. We were swimming in 83 degree bath water, and now it's like cold again! It might be around 77, which is okay, but I like it around 80. Picky? Yep. But not being picky is just not making decisions. I'm trying to get out of that land. I was there for too long! : )

Alrighty, gotta get more packing done. I just finished this post that I've been working for a day and a half! It's only going to get busier.

*Just for fun:
I had an interesting conversation with my mother-in-law yesterday. We were talking about getting ready to go on the trip, and I was telling her all I was doing, and I was stressed, as usual. (I think I operate well in High Stress mode.) Anyway, she said what was that called, and I said, I know OCD. And she said that I could probably "see someone" for that, who could help me. I said, I know, but I kinda like me like this; I like my stuff all organized and clean (referring to my almost daily vacuuming...). So, she didn't say anything else. #1: Bravery on her part to say it. #2: Bravery on my part for saying I like myself how I am. What a great world when you can say what you think!! : )


Gigi said...


or as HOMER says bon voyagee..

Have fun..keep in touch..and be safe..


p.s. Rosemary is adorable..

Holly said...

heehee Yeah, I think so too. She just makes me laugh! She doesn't have a mean bone in her body! Imagine that. I can't. : )

We'll have fun, and I'll post some pix for you! We're off to see the world! : ) Well, a small part of it ...

Gigi said...

You are clever indeedy!!

Can't wait for photos! Photo of kiddies is so cutie..they are darling..