Friday, July 10, 2009

Toothpaste Glob? Chunk? Smear? Portion? Swoop?

Two things:

1. Brown Rubbing Off My Neck. Ick. Not even as good as it sounds.

I was folding towels today in the laundry room (with my recently cleaned off counter!), when I realized why my neck was so sketchy looking this morning! (ok, as I'm proofreading, I realize I didn't make the towel/neck connection for you. I fold them in half then half again, then tuck the top under my neck as I fold it into thirds.) Yep, can't think of a better word. Back story/rewind: I choose not to go to tanning booths (although, I deeply crave/love them) since I had a :growth: taken off my right hip/back two years ago in January (getting ready for a great trip to Hawaii, I over-tanned). So. No more tanning, much to my chagrin. : P Anyway, back to the current day. I use this relatively inexpensive self-tanning moisturizer daily. I love it, I was looking really dark, it's easy. Until. Uh-umm. Until the last week. I've over-used? My knees were bad (read: dark) a couple of days ago, so I scrubbed them with a washcloth, and then they were worse. Very white knees, and dark legs, creepy. So, I laid on the lotion before bed, then reapplied in the morning. It seemed to work, but then this morning, I had a peel-y looking neck. Very gross (and I had a date tonight!). So, I rubbed it really hard (with a washcloth again-I even have a very nice scrubby mitt I got for $25 at a salon-but I still use a washcloth, more gentle?), and reapplied lotion. Have I not learned? I'm sure I'm back on the road to peel-y neck and dark knees, but it's my fate. Even with the pool, I don't live out there. And it's Hot. I don't like to sweat so much. : ) Especially when I can tan in the air conditioning, and not get skin cancer. So, I walk the peel-y, orange-y walk, but with healthy skin. I'll see you on the other side. In 70 years! : )

2. Clean Underwear

Have you ever been thankful that underwear came out of the dryer clean? I actually said a prayer of thanks today. I got a gift of folded underwear on the laundry room counter (again-because the counter was clean?) yesterday morning. I already knew the back (heehee, no pun intended!) story, but didn't want to throw them away, since they were brand new (we'd tried a new style, and these didn't have exposed, irritating elastic like his other underwear). So, contrary to my usual, toss-and-buy-new attitude, I threw them in the wash (without checking out the racing stripes inside). Thankfully, when I checked the inside today (after the dryer), they were beautiful (or handsome, as the case may be). So, I was thankful they were clean. Should I appreciate my detergent (Tide), or my great washer (Whirlpool
-except mine is older now)?

Alrighty, hope you appreciate all the fancy links. : ) I gotta get to bed. Great date was had tonight, including PF Chang's and a movie (don't see I Love You, Beth Cooper, unless you are Prepared for it-full of language, sexual references, and more smut than the book : P ). I was shocked the movie was rated PG-13. What this tells me is that my thirteen year old will not even be allowed to see PG-13's! (ps-remind me in 4.5 years!)

Ok, and 3. Toothpaste (late entry)

Do you wet your toothbrush before you add toothpaste? Have you ever put toothpaste on your toothbrush only to discover it's Gone? I mean, MIA? I could not find the toothpaste chunk (glob?) I'd put on there to save my life, and I'm not crazy. Where does it go? The floor? The drawer? My hairbrush? My nightgown? I had to add more, and Where Is It? I'll find it all crusty and rubbery in a couple months when I don't want to find it.


Gigi said...

Hmmm? Your blog is food for thought indeedy.

Number One: You could utilize the facilities in Fayetteville that spray on a tan. I have used that in the past and loved it. The method isn't perfect, but preferable to icky neck syndrome. (Unless date night produces ins:)

Number Two: Clean underwear is a must. Enough said.

Number Three: I do not wet my toothbrush first. Your tooth paste probably slid off and went down the sink, therefore cleaning your sink drain instead of your toothies. (To any problem, there is always an up side)

And the book I LOVE YOU, BETH COOPER was hilarious and it is a very fun read. Once you begin, you cannot lay it down. I will forego the movie and await it on my new NETFLIX program (although the down side is no movie came today and therefore THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS won't be viewed until Tuesday at the earliest:(

Okay, I feel I must add, 'who could not LOVE the tanning booth?' What a sweet, warm, delicious, great music playing, relaxing, womb like feeling, and a feeling of total calm and peace. (Of course and unless some low-life has sneaked a little camera in somewhere to view the wobbly bits and you find out about it in the newspaper two years later) ;-(

I love the tanning booths, but must stay away from them, like sweets (Braums), rum, tobacco products, hidden agenda's, politics (because I am always on the side that no one else is on), spirituality, talking about SEINFELD constantly or STAR WARS, oops, I didn't realize the list went on so far.....because I just thought of ...more...such as the advantage of basketball (air-conditioning) over football (freezing one's behind off in twelve degree temperatures, but we won STATE..yayyyy).

I started reading the book on the north coffee table in the hearth room last evening. Please do not remove my bookmark. John Irving may have more to offer than tons of pages.

John phoned and the SEINFELD concert in Little Rock last night rocked. I guess I will content myself with all the reruns amidst laundry, talking on the phone, changing the dog's bed, and typing on your blog. lol


Gigi said...

Oops forgot the NEW photos. Very very nice my dear. You did well indeedy!! Everything is quite lovely and you did it so well. L&H

Gigi said...

ummm...NETFLIX came through...yayyyyyyyyyy.

Holly said...

Yay! What is the second movie you got? I"m bored here and need diversion. ; ) I was going to start sewing some things for Mary Claire, but got sleepy and took a nap instead. Yep, got lots done that way! : )

I'm glad John had fun, I bet it was cool!

Makes me want to visit a tanning bed soon. . .

Gigi said...



I think the first movie is too serious and emotional for you. You need 'UP' movies, not such a serious holocaust movie. WWII is very interesting to me and I pray the horror never happens again. This movie shows life from the side of a little German boy whose father is in charge of a camp filled with Jewish people. 'Bruno' is filled with fun, innocence and adventure, but like an onion with many layers, it begins to be peeled back to show the real core of the misery of what is going on in the back fields behind his home.

When I visited the camp in Auschwitz, Poland, I saw things that still I cannot describe in detail. Everyone should be educated about these extermination camps, and I pray this never happens again.

THE INTERNATIONAL is a bit of a disjointed story line, although Clive Owen is always great in his roles.

If you want to borrow, call in the a.m. early, but neither video is for the children at their tender ages.

Auf Wiedersehen