Thursday, July 30, 2009

Time is Money

So tired. No time or energy to blog tonight.

Must get sleep and finish staging a house tomorrow! Already shaping up and looking fresh and ready to sell! : ) Good work, Mom!

Will resume normal life after this weekend. And laundry is semi-caught up.

I sent all my pictures into Wal-Mart that I wanted printed. It's $46.00. Ugh. That does cost more than making a video and burning it to dvd for the kids to watch. Maybe it'll be easier in the long run, and time is money.

Ps-Keep using your Clorox toilet tabs. Just believe me. You'll thank me later. Keeps funk from growing in your tank. And transferring to your toilet.

My baby got locked in the bathroom today. He did it himself, so I didn't freak out. The kids were running around trying to find a key. He was not panicked, so I kept washing dishes (well, my Paula Deen fancy skillet cooker) until the panic passed. They got him out, so no harm done. Is it a Moment? When you mature into Non-Panic Mode? I think I had a moment today. Or I rather enjoyed washing without help. Hmm..

Fit in some enjoyable painting time today to paint a canvas. Fun, relaxing. I should fit it in every day! I keep canvases in the closet for an emergency. You know, a decorating emergency when you can't find the perfect art. You just Make It! : )

Really gotta go to bed. I guess I did have time. ; )


Gigi said...

O my artistic wonderful you are~~

Thank you for all your 'staging' and for helping me do the deed on a timely basis..

Thank you thank you thank you..


p.s. See you in a few..

Holly said...

I'll be there! Load the van, Hobby Lobby run, maybe Sam's (unless she can get my mattresses!), and back to work. My eyes hurt. Is that normal?
: )

Gigi said...


What a productive day! I hope everyone who is interested comes to see the home we are redecorating. It is fabulous and you made it so..

Thank you so very much..


Holly said...

Well..we aren't done, but we're close! : )

Gigi said...

Apart from our electical failure, we managed to fight the good fight. The property is looking wonderful and I want to thank you for all you have done. How about a nice little patio table to have a little 'sweet' drink when the sun is in the west slowly sinking...? Take it if you choose to..

Have fun camping, be sure and take bug repellent, and a flashlight for those times when you and Sissy 'have to go' you know where.