Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I've grown as a person.

Three reasons:

1. After changing my sheets, and getting the bed ready so I could fall over in it, I realized I'd put the top sheet upside down, so when folded over, the scabby back of the monogram is showing. Ask if I care.

2. Mary Claire flooded/stopped up her toilet, ask if I've unclogged it.

3. I saw a spider, and squished it. With my bare foot. On the carpet. Just ask if I flinched. I think I'm just really tired.

Try your hand at guessing my answers!! Bonus points for proof of YoUr maturity. (Or caring less?) G'night!


Gigi said...

Very cute little dresses indeedy! Especially the Parisian masterpiece with the tulle point of interest. I am sure our little princess is quite delighted for sure with her pretty new clothing.

1. I can tell you don't care at this time, but you will later.
2. I know you unclogged it because you know the alternative.
3. You did not flinch, but I don't think I would recommend this specific action again. (i.e. poisonous spiders, brown recluse spiders in point of fact)

Proof of maturity? Hmmmmm? I erased my answers due to the fact that your comment blog said I did not have any space left for more characters. My guess is: I waxed eloquently. lol

If you are out this a.m., I am going to drop cukes at your home on the bar. If Ches isn't home, and the door is locked, I will put them in the fridge in the garage, but be sure Clay gets them per Lesley's request and the whole family is welcome to enjoy them, although Clay gets the twin. Thanks~~


Holly said...

Ok, we are going to Bible study (8:40ish-10:40ish), then I am going back to the dr. Still no voice, still knife-y pain. Crazy!
Ches will be riding while we are gone.

ps-I only had to wash the sheets because Ches got two more spots frozen/burned off, and he bled! on the pillowcase. Creepy.

And, nope! I haven't unclogged it! It's only peepee, so much less long term damage. : )

ps-will consider brown recluses. As it came out from under my bed. : P

I am waxing considerably (in writing..) since it's aLL I can do! I'm waning in cooking though lately. . . : ) Even black beans hurt my throat last night. : ( And I love them.

Tell Lesley ThAnKs! : )

Gigi said...

I forgot to mention the cutie photo of "Pacifier Boy" with his beloved elephant. Ethan is a sweetie for sure! The sewing center .. looks like great things happened there .. but I know you .. when you are feeling better and are finished this creative time of sewing .. it will all be put to rights. L&H

Holly said...

Oh, of course. It already looks better! I cleaned up most of it today, and wemoved the sewing party to Kendra's house! I got one pair of pants done!! Ruffles, 3 embroidery/monograms, and one big flower! Cute! : )