Saturday, July 11, 2009

Decisions, Decisions...

Ever have such a big decision? Like whether to make dinner or make a quick trip to Fabric Gallery? heehee Decisions, decisions... My kids (well, the big ones) have already had a popsicle and two Go-gurts each. Isn't that dinner enough? : ) I just asked Ches when dinner is, and he said, "5, 5:30?" Umm, it's 4:30. And I'm kinda busy. With thoughts of making a run to Fabric Gallery.

I'm planning to make Mary Claire a couple of jumpers and decorated pants/jeans to match. I always plan for summery (jumper only), and winter (jumper, shirt under it, with jeans!). So versatile. I haven't made anything in a while, and my machine is missing me. I'm planning to make some cups tomorrow anyway.

Maybe we could eat out again today? Then I could stop by there on our way out! Kill both birds with one stone! I am SO on top of my game! It's that power nap I got! : )

I am sad. They were closed. : ( Big, fat, pout-y, sad face. I ran out the door, took MC, ran a late book back by the Springdale Library, then hurried down there. But, they close at 4pm on Saturdays. Boo Hoo. I ran into WM for MORE batteries for a little girl addicted to a small cd player attached to her head, and then to Hobby Lobby for a small tin purse/carrying case (think metal lunch box, but purse-shaped that opens from the top). I didn't want her to see it since I'm making her a little kit (that I'll explain in a minute) that'll be for our trip. My sweet husband spoils our kids. It's tough to limit him, since it's so sweet and all. He already got Clay a new Transformer, level 3, Bumblebee, which is a Camaro (and have you seen the new ones, btw? They are sooo cool!) I remember there was a year where I wanted one, but I got a Mustang. Cool, but it was beige. My parents way of keeping me cool, but not too cool.

Ok, so we were at Pottery Barn again on Friday night (I think we go EvErY Friday night!), and Ches loves to shop too (Closet Shopper, though, unlike me-I'm totally out of the closet!). He found me some cute acrylic straws (only $10 for 12), and I found new deck chair cushions, but they were kinda thin. Anyway, he found a little (kinda cheese-y) kit for Mary Claire for her gift for the trip. (I know, I know, the trip is a big fat gift, but he likes for them to have something new for the plane ride(s). Anyway, it was a kit with gold ink, a stamp alphabet (so not cute), some twine, and some tags to make for place cards, drinks, or whatever. It was on sale for $14, but I just thought it was too much. Afterwards, we had a few minutes to run by Hobby Lobby ('cause I'm a do-it-now person), and since I had a *coupon*, I got her a new stamp alphabet in a tin box, some hot pink ink (So much better!), and then today I got her the little tin purse thing to put it in. I just have to make some tags (super easy with my cool Stampin' Up! punches!), and add some precut twine! See, super easy, and all for (let me do some quick math....) $12. So, not so cool, but it's a way-better set! : ) I'll post a pix when I'm done with it!

And. I got some fabric to make her a quick jumper (never quick in my book), but I'm still more excited about making one with fabric from Fabric Gallery, since it'll be less maintenance (probably non-iron!). Alright, gotta get to work on the cutesy set! : )


Gigi said...

Woo hooooooooooo!

You are on the move again.

You will have a great holiday on the east coast.


Holly said...

I've made one dress, and now I'm monogramming it! : ) yes, always on the move!

We are eating out, if you'd like to go tonight!
: ) 5 or 5:30ish, not sure yet...