Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bath at Acambaro, Anyone?

A funny story about why Ethan had to sit in the car with Ches at Acambaro... Yum, first of all. We got out of Ice Age (#2?) after 7pm, and we'd not really eaten dinner. Ches said he was hungry for chips and salsa, and we were in Lowell, so I suggested Acambaro. He'd seen a story/ad in the paper about kids eating for free at the Acambaro in Springdale. So we drove there, all got out, hit the door, and there was a big sign that said Kids Eat Free Monday-Wednesday (yeah, it was Thursday). So that's why he sat in the car. Just kidding. : ) heehee I looked at Ches and the tired kids, and asked if he was still in the mood to eat chips and salsa, and of course he was. Bad Sign: when they seat you away from everyone else, 3 inches from the door to the kitchen. I kid you not. So, there was a huge three-layer water fountain about a foot from our table. (Yes, must be the table they reserve for big families-8 chairs-with little kids. Maybe the water disguises the kid noises?) So, Ethan ran over, and tried to strip. Yep, he was yelling, "Bath!" and trying to climb in because (1) he's never seen a fountain in a restaurant, (2) it was bubbling over since some crazy person put dish detergent in it (3) he loves water/baths, (4) why should we get to have a nice restaurant experience? So, screaming and crying ensued, and Ches ordered, then took him to the car. They came back a few minutes later when the food came, I held Ethan (restrained his screaming self while Ches swallowed his food), then Ches took him back out to the van. Lots'o'fun. Ask me if I'll go back there. Not.

Ask me if a two-and-a-half year old is ready to sit through a movie-even one with roars and dinosaurs? Not. Ask me if I've gotten my 6 new beautiful drapes hung up in the breakfast room yet. Not.

But. I HaVe been busy! I got all in the mood to have the house even more organized and easier to move around in, so I made a list. Of all the things I wish were done, the ones that have to be done, and the ones that maybe will still be on the list in a year. : ) 'Cause that's my life. Just keepin' it real.

Yesterday, I went to Lowe's (to Shop the List), and got to work. Last night while Clay watched fireworks outside the house (till too late, 11:30ish), I put up more shelves in the garage, organized the junk (just outside-the-door junk), moved stuff (including the painting stuff-spackling, brushes, tape, caulking, the hand tools, and the screws/nails/pads/Command hooks/drapery clips/rings/etc.) from the laundry room out to the shelves (in precious little boxes with lids and labels!). Then I transfered stuff from the laundry room closet (not dreamy-very shallow) to the cabinets, then put the kids' laundry baskets in the closet, and therefore, Da-Da! *I have cleaned off the laundry room counter!* Lots of work, to say I cleaned and shuffled stuff. Felt like a lot of work, but it's definitely cleaner! I'll tackle the entire garage if I get a chance.

Oh, I haven't written in so long. I'd let the guilt get to me, but I haven't got time for one more thing. : ) I had the best time Wednesday! I went shopping with my friend Kendra in Branson! She'd never been without her kids, so we had to do it up right! : ) I had to show her around to all my favorite stores (and hers too!), and show her how I shop the sales, and use my coupon booklet to save about half off on all the clothes I stock up on for the kids! She got to meet Dina and Sara, my pals at Gymboree. They are so sweet, and always helpful! We hit an awesome sale at Banana Republic (EnTiRe store 40% off!), and then I had a coupon for 20% off of your total. WooHoo! We did really well everywhere, and of course ran out of time. : ( We just can't do it all in a day. I don't think she understood the work that goes into shopping! We didn't eat dinner till the outlets closed at 9. We made up for our gum-for-dinner by going to Olive Garden, and really enjoying it. It tastes sooo much better when you are StArViNg! : )

Thursday was back to work. We went to story time at the library (in which Ethan showed the teacher/reader his Thomas train-in her face, while she was reading, then roared and walked like a T-Rex for her. All during a story about hats.) Then we went by Ches' office to bug him (I had left my cell phone at home and had to ask a ticket person-yes, he was writing tickets for expired meters-to use his phone.) then take him out to lunch to celebrate his Last Day of Summer School class!! Yay! : ) I'm SO Happy!

Then to Chick-Fil-A to let the kids run in and out of the play area, eat a tiny bit, and I got to see Kathleen! and tell her about my crazy hot pink room, that's still in the works... and see her Absolutely Adorable Baby!! Oh, is he precious. Anyway, when Ches could take no more running to make sure Ethan didn't get his fingers in the door, we left, dropped him at work, then went home to get Ethan a nap! The kids bugged me all afternoon, then we went to the movies (see first paragraph!).

Today was July fourth, Independence Day! We sang Happy Birthday to America (and to Ethan, and to the whole world...) on the way home from lunch at Gigi's house. Clay wanted to stay there, so I'll go back and get him when Ethan wakes up. For now, MC and Ethan are presumably asleep, and I think I could catch a nap too.

Wish your precious country a Happy Birthday, and I'll talk to you tomorrow, post-fireworks!


Gigi said...

Clay and I sat in the driveway and watched the fireworks until ten p.m. then he watched the fantastic Lionel trains go thru the various tunnels, landscape, and accompanying track situations on you tube. It was unreal all the money and time spent on train scenery, and beautiful and time-consuming, but just the thing to entertain an eight and a half year old precious little boy with dreams and goals and such happiness inside his little soul. Every few minute he said "LOOK GIGI" and I did and was literally mesmerized.

Our neighbor, Doug, must have spent well over five thousand dollars on fireworks. They were as good as the mall used to be. Five neighbors had fireworks going off all at the same time, but Doug wins first prize for money down the drain, but for me and Clay it was a WOW moment. American Express can phone him later.

So sorry about Ethan and the fountain at Acambaro. It must have been embarrassing.
Methinks sometimes he wants to be an entertainer and make people laugh, cry or simply be stunned. He has surely stunned me several times as well as made me laugh out loud but never cry. I am still bigger than he is .. lol..

Anyway Clay is fine and needs his toothbrush, but other than that, he desires nothing. Maybe a really good Gigi would have extra toothbrushes in the hall bathroom?? He is happy to take a stick and dig a dinosaur's claw (footprint) into the bare dirt where no grass grows with such intent and purpose it is scary, but he has to get it 'just right'.

July the Fourth was fun and frolicky and good food and good company but now we have to get busy, fix the car (the day after we had tune-up it shuts down, imagine that?), fix the garage door opener coil springy thingies, mop the floor, make phone calls, etc. And maybe, this ice cream chocolate brown Italian Reading Room should be repainted as it doesn't give me that cool, comfortable and detached feeling I was looking for. It gives me something, but I am not sure what it is. With no furniture in here, it is quite attractive, but with what I have, it doesn't work, therefore change may be on the way.


p.s. If you want to eat lunch here after church ... come as you are ... and bring the entertainer ... I adore him!!

Holly said...

You are so sweet, thank you. : ) Guess we missed lunch! I was getting ready for church this am when you posted! : ) It was so nice, with Ethan in the nursery. I mean-Perfect!! He loves it, and so do I! I just want to pay them when I get back I'm so excited! : )
All right, Ethan's not up, but Ches is done mowing, so I'll run get Clay. I miss him!