Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hearts and Puppies

This one is for you, Mom! : )  I am seriously so tired from partying, but here are some pix! : )  Yesterday, for Valentine's Day, we had treasure hunts! : )  That's all Mary Claire had requested. : )  So I typed, printed, and cut them.  I did different hunts for the kids (since I knew Clay would get there first!!)  Then I taped them in all the right places.  The bottom is the letter for their lunch (and their musical Valentine's cards!):

and their sweet daddy made them special heart sandwiches : )
We finished our sweetheart day with dinner at Chick-Fil-A!  They had a nice plan (tablecloths, candles, stuffed cows, valentine foam frame crafts, live music), but it didn't go well.  I'm just positive they were over the fire code limit!  The kids played while I stood in the very long line(s), and Ches circled in the parking lot.  There was NO way we were going to get a table!  We got our food, left, and ate in the van.  So Romantic.
Then we went to our movie: Gnomeo and Juliet!  It was very sweet, went really fast, and we enjoyed it.  A sweet movie about loving someone who is outside your "group".  I thought it was very good, and the kids enjoyed it too!  I don't even think Ethan ever got up! : )  We sure got to bed late, but I think it made their day special : )  (this would be why I didn't post last night!)
And then today...equally busy!  I had babysitting today at church, so I got there early, had very bad hair (wore that shiny hat again!), and had fun. : )  I took an extra, Trevor, and they all played well-when they are young, they kinda split up, play alone, and are really easy! : )  I even had time to take sweet pictures of them.
Then Ethan and I had lunch with Gigi, and he went home with her!  I had a play to get to! : )

She was a puppy! : )

Mary Claire and her friend, Faith : )

A super sweet pix of the girls! : )

Ahh..she added dots on her face : )

Mary Claire and Alyssa in the hallway!

We couldn't get enough-they are all so cute! : )

Precious!! (we have to lose that sling!)

Can you see those dotted ears?  Love you, sweet puppy!
Great day, followed with playing at Gigi's, and then Bunco!  I even won $10 tonight, and I haven't won in about a year! : )  Ahh..so ready for my warm bed.  Sleep well, and we'll talk tomorrow! : )  Hugs!

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The Mom said...

Thanks for your post! Love the photos as always. Your blogs are the BEST even if I am 'The Mom'. L & H

p.s. Ethan left a couple of items of clothing here;)