Monday, February 28, 2011

Candyland and the Trip

We had a deliciously fun party this weekend!  Mary Claire's friend had a sweet ninth "Candyland" party-and she loved it! (of course!)  When the guests got there, they got the most adorable little hot pink gumball necklaces on hot pink ribbon!  (I had to look closely-they really looked like beads!)  She had a chocolate fountain, and lots of games and candy-perfect for all those cutie girls!  We couldn't decide what to get her, so we went with a little bucket of candy (Starburst jelly beans, a big movie box of rainbow Nerds, some chocolate, and a gift card to Target (don't you love to get the gift of shopping?!).  We got the bucket at Target, and decorated it!  We added stickers, colored ribbons (when you think you've added enough, add more!), and a gift tag with a gumball machine on it. (and when I picked her up, they had little gumball machines as favors-precious!)  (Her mom is super creative-she was a set designer!)  Here's our little bucket:
I like how it turned out, but I would have loved a pink pail!

..and here's the back-a little sticker that says, "A friend loves at all times" Proverbs 17:17
We also went to Borders going-out-of-business sale this weekend (twice!), and got another friend a book!  We asked for help from a salesperson, but they said they weren't helping people (maybe that's why their going out of business?).  I googled the book on my phone, then searched high and low-and found it!  When we were there Saturday morning, there was a LONG line, but after 7pm, it was fast!  We got some other books (and the sale was only 20% off), and all sales are final.  Not my favorite words.  I only got the ones I loved, but I took pictures of the ones I didn't get (to find them for less on!)

Now Mary Claire's getting more and more excited for her birthday (May 15th-the big 9!).  She chose to not have a party last year, but this year? not a chance!  She wanted a movie/pool/slumber party, but I'm not that cool.  I said slumber or pool, or swim late and spend the night.  And we'll have to limit it.  Girls are still girls. ; )

I'm excited and tired.  Ches and I are flying to Florida tomorrow for a little vacation, and I've been getting ready.  I always wait till the last couple of days to pack and plan!  We are flying into Orlando, and we'll stay closer to Tampa.  We have tickets (and box seats!) to see the Phillies (baseball team) play during their spring training.  It is a great time to see them play, get autographs and see the players up close-it's so much calmer and relaxed!  For one of our games last year, we sat in the outfield on the grass (and it was my favorite-sitting out getting sun-talking with other fans), but Ches didn't like it!  I'm not baseball-crazy, so anywhere is fine with me.

Busy getting ready..I've packed Ethan and Mary Claire's lunches (Clay prefers to eat at school!) and written Mary Claire's little school notes with her carbohydrate counts, totals, and insulin bolus amounts.  I've started (but not quite finished!) the meal plan with carb counts and insulin boluses for breakfasts/snacks/dinners.  I got the groceries today, so I waited to finish the chart so I could read the carb counts on the sides.  There are so many foods, I can't remember them all!  I also laid out their clothes (and tomorrow is class picture day!) for each day.

This trip is a little bittersweet.  It brings back memories of last year's trip, what we thought would be our last trip alone for a long time..who knew we'd be back only a year later.  We were planning for the twins, and we got a new set of baby monitors while we were there-and they are still in my closet.  I'm debating on taking them back.  I know we could take them back here (maybe), but I just want them to go back to Florida.  (to undo what was done, I guess?).  I've learned not to plan too far in advance, and to just be thankful for what is today.  My doctor told me last year that the only real way to heal after a lost baby (or babies, in our case) is to have a healthy baby.  That is proving harder than expected.  I remember being young and fertile-the time goes so fast.  I so wish I could turn back time. (oh, the places times I'd go..)

The kids are excited that Gigi is coming to stay with them, and I got them some special treats/snack foods.  They may just have more fun that us!  I'll leave them a camera..Mom, take some pictures! : )

Please pray for safe travels for us, and let me know how to pray for you! : )

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