Sunday, February 20, 2011

Selling Bindis

What a scouting weekend!  Do we ever coordinate between the girls and boys?  Nahh.  But maybe we could consider it?

I have been able to upload only girl scout pictures, so boy scouts and my amazing-melt-in-your-mouth-surprise recipe have to wait till tomorrow. : )  Thanks, Sandra, for taking awesome pictures!! : )  Your camera rocks ; )

Today was World Thinking Day 2011 at the Fayetteville Town Center!

Listening-aren't they growing up?

In front of their "country" of India-they did a great job on the backboard!

Working the India booth, selling bindis > : )

Stamping passports for travelers-I love "traveling" to other countries! : )

Visiting the Netherlands

I can't remember the country..Switzerland, I think?  Her little dolls are upstairs, and I'm feeling lazy...

They look beautiful with their bindis on!
She had a great day, and brought home so many little treasures.  We stopped last night at McDonald's and asked for our change in dimes (I had to convince the girl I wasn't crazy for getting $3 in dimes!).  Each troop learns about and represents a country at Thinking Day (a celebration for Juliette Low's birthday, founder of Girl Scouting).  They make little foods, pins, flags, or dolls, something about the country to sell-all proceeds go back to the Juliette Low fund for the girls.  The past two years with the Fayetteville Thinking Day have been wonderful-the year before was not so good, so we know to be thankful!!  The presentations are awesome, and there are plenty of countries to visit.  Mary Claire even came home with her name in Arabic-so beautiful.

We had some trouble after a sleepover last night (her not wanting to check her blood) and then this morning not wanting to come home for our church-I wasn't happy.  She is definitely growing up (I'm trying to respect that) and it means more responsibility.  If she can't handle checking herself (and checking in with me!), we'll have to slow down the freedom.  I was so worried about her last night!  I didn't want to call and bug her, but she just doesn't realize what can happen.  She's been low several times since Friday-really good insulin, I think (she was 46 at school on Friday, 59 after girl scouts yesterday, 58 at church today..), but scary-roller-coaster isn't fun!

I'm nervous about tomorrow-it's Braces day.  The appointment is for 90 minutes, but it can't take that long, can it?  Now it's even more advanced than when Mary Claire got hers-the braces are set up on my "fake teeth" (positive of my impressions), and then moved to my mouth.  They also don't use bands around back teeth, so I didn't have to endure the week of spacers-hooray!  Still nervous.  I'm going to be in braces with my daughter.  Weird?

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