Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My nightmare? Not eating.

Holy Colored Rice, Batman!  Did you know Fruity Pebbles were gluten-free?  Mary Claire doesn't have celiac disease, but I try to notice gluten-free food.  Lots of kids with Type I Diabetes do develop celiac, so I'm always on the lookout!  I can now be assured she would make it. : ) heehee

I had Bible study (or didn't..) today!  We started a new study (Acts) today, and I helped Mary upstairs with the kids.  I'll join them in a couple weeks when we take turns babysitting. : )  Right before I left the house this morning, I remembered all sorts of things to take..crayons and paper (when I used to teach the threes in Sunday School, we'd always help them color a picture, and write our scripture for the week at the bottom or add "God loves ______" at the bottom with the child's name in the blank).  Next I added some toys that Ethan ok'd: balls, blocks, play phone, and a Cabbage Patch doll and horse.  Then I thought of an art project!  My favorite (and easy!) paper bag books (I gave out easy instructions here).  I ran around gathering paper bags, scrapbook paper, scissors, a hole punch, and lots of ribbons (I was going for Valentine's Day, but boys are so red/pink crazy).  Then as a last resort, I took the flat screen tv off my kitchen counter, and took a set of Veggie Tales movies.  You just never know-and I'd never watched most of these kids! : )  I've babysat a million times in my life, and it always pays to be prepared.

It went wonderfully, and I love seeing the kids' character. : )  One little girl was absolutely precious-she wanted to hold another littler girl!  She's not quite three, and she wanted to mother another.  I loved it!  The boys were good-if you can believe, my little Ethan was the oldest there!  He used to be the youngest. : (  He was easy, and the other boys were good too-one loved to run around and just grinned, but he was an angel and ate well, another didn't climb nearly as much as I was prepared for!  We did really well, and I think they had a great study downstairs too! (oh-and I got some great pictures of them playing!  I heart my camera!)

Then, I took Ethan to Fayetteville to get Mary Claire's prescriptions, and get some groceries.  It wasn't long till I got The Call.  Mary Claire's ear was really hurting her, and she couldn't make it any longer.  Her nurse knew I was in BS (and they were using my phone for conferencing another mom who just had a baby and stayed home!), so she had Mary Claire wait it out.  I said she could have ibuprofen (we had to get a doctor's note and leave the meds at school for that!), and I'd come as soon as I could.  I figured I had 30 minutes since it was lunchtime (and she loves lunch), but she didn't make it.  Her blood sugar was good at 136 before lunch, so she got her insulin bolus for lunch...but then cried and wouldn't eat.  She wasn't hungry, she didn't feel good, her tummy hurt, etc.  We tried (and she had an Uncrustable and a Red Velvet yogurt in there!), and no good.  At that point, you have to feed the insulin, or risk a severe low (and I mean severe, not make it kind of low).  The nurse gave her two 16 gram Fruitables juices and some sugar tablets from her food tub.  We were just waiting for the ibuprofen to kick in so she'd feel like eating, but no.

When I got there, she was still all sad, but stable.  We went home, since her doctor's appointment wasn't for a couple hours.  Within an hour, she'd perked up, eaten the rest of her lunch, and played with Ethan (pretty rambunctiously!), so I knew she was okay.  At her appointment this afternoon, we found out she has a very bad infection in both ears.  She has such a high pain tolerance, she doesn't complain till it's awful!  The doctor just looked at her, and said what a lot she has to handle. (looking at her in her sling, with a bad double ear infection, and diabetes.)  I know it, and she is such a trooper, and rarely complains.  The nurse knew she was sick-she's never had to force food on her. : (

Ches and Clay had boy scouts tonight-and Clay earned a pin and another belt loop. : )  Yay, Clay!  He's working on a special award, the Parvuli Dei, and we did a couple sections over vacation.  All the boys have the option of working on one for their religion-they have lots.. for every religion! : )

Now to my other stressor.  Ches freaked out about leaving his heart rate monitor strap in Birmingham.  We've called them twice, and no sign of it.  He just realized yesterday, but guess who rang our doorbell at 7pm?  Yep, Fed Ex! (well..I should be more exact-a UHaul was out front, but the package on the doorstep was from FedEx-is this a busy time of year for them? enough that they rent vehicles? or did they drive the heart rate monitor overnight themselves?) Anyway, I questioned the need to get it here today. (and pay for that service!)  He said he felt bad about it, but was angry at himself last night for losing it, and wanted a new one (so throw money at it!).
And the story continues..guess what? It won't work with the monitor unit he has! The button to reset the monitor (that mounts on your bike) to use with the new heart rate strap is not working, and to send it in to get repaired will take weeks.  He freaked out a little more, and just went to get a new heart rate watch-thingie to make it for now.  Umm..obsessed a little?
And I think I love ribbon and cleaning and organizing and food and clean fingernails.  Ha!  He laughs at my oddities (as he pedals harder to get his heart rate up to 170).  Lord, keep the snow away just a little longer, please.  And could it please be in stock?  'Cause he'll hunt one down, and I want my husband home soon.  Amen.

You will receive whatever you ask for in prayer, if you believe.  Matthew 21:22

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