Monday, February 7, 2011

The Middle of My Little Mess

Heard another new song today (found out it was released in January..and I just heard it!  Thanks, XM), and of course, it spoke to me. : )
I *heart*  Francesca Battistelli, and she has a new album coming out, Hundred More Years on March 1!  I'll be preordering!  I like to go prebuy locally, so I can have it THAT day, instead of getting it in the mail a couple days later.  Her music is incredibly insightful, a little bohemian or just more edgy Christian, and I love it.  Her voice is beautiful, and so is she.  This is the pre-released (spell check doesn't like that one!) song that is MY life!

We have to remember (me included!) that when we have crazy-busy hectic days, God can still use us.  This is the stuff that helps Him accomplish His goals.  I love it.  Makes me feel less a mess. : )

Today was good.  I was (secretly) happy that school was in session!  I always like pushing snooze on the alarm, and not having to round up the crew and get them fed and clothed (on time!), but today, I was thrilled to have a schedule!  It's been soooo long.  They all left, and I...well, I went back to bed.  (Yes, I tell the truth.  The Ugly, but lovely Truth.)  I was so exhausted, and we were up until almost 1am last night, and I seriously have dark circles under my eyes from getting up before 7am with the kids on "vacation" and staying up till after midnight most nights.  Let's be real: you can't fit in all in and get sleep!  I was drained.  I just got over a cold (it took almost two weeks!), and I don't want to go down that road again, so I slept.
aaahhhhh... and then woke to banging on my front door (but it must have been a dream, since no one was there (but I did find piles of cat poop under the chair out there, so I think a cat lived on our porch last week ..and we don't have a cat!), so I slept more until I had another bad dream about losing Ethan at Wal-Mart.  I am a great example of why you shouldn't go back to bed after your family leaves.  (but God can use it..)

Then..when I got up and running, I did more laundry (no, there's no end, so don't look for it) (kinda like the rainbow and the gold), cleaned, called in prescriptions (Mary Claire's insulin, meter strips and lancets), and started the shuttle bus.  I dropped off four boxes of insulin pens (I give the remainders of each pen to a lady at church for her daughter-I fill Mary Claire's reservoirs in her pump with 180 units, so there's still 70 units in each pen!  They are so expensive, they shouldn't go to waste!), then picked up Ethan at preschool.  Next, to the kids' school to wait in car rider line.  While I sat (and made a phone call!), I changed Megan's (Mary Claire's American Girl) clothes (Megan still had her jammies on..from last week!) and brushed her wild hair.  She cleans up really well. ; )

Then we went to Bentonville for a focus group for the coming..NWA Children's Museum!  We were at the first session that included children (good thing!), and it went well.  They asked the kids about names for the museum, fun colors, what they envision for the museum, etc.  Then they talked to the parents.  My friend, Holly, is helping get the museum here, and she invited us!  It was a good meeting, but the kids got pretty restless towards the end!  After Ethan had explored the floor outlets and examined the room, Mary Claire had pulled her coat's belt out and used it as a scarf, Clay began commenting on the adult's questions, and Ethan was pushing in the tips of the markers and got green (surprise!) all over the table, it was time for us to go!  I think we were wearing out our welcome. : )

I'd set the oven to turn on and bake some potatoes I'd gotten ready (I'll give you the ridiculously easy recipe, if you want!) and washed some blueberries and strawberries, so we rushed home, had dinner, and were off again!

We had a class at church (Building Better Families by Matthew Kelly) at six.  Ches met me there, and I took the kids to babysitting (they LOVE it!).  It was our last session, and it was on CD, and we've broken it down into several meetings.  We've had the BEST notes to follow along with (so we could just write our thoughts and ideas), and I found out that our leader, Daniela, wrote them all!  It must have taken a long time!  I thought they came with the study, but bless her heart, she typed them all-and they were good! :)

And then home, brushing teeth, stories, and bed.  I'm all tucked in, and tuckered out.  The weather is on (the news) again, and we are going to be "blanketed" with snow on Wednesday starting early, so good-bye school on Wednesday through Friday.  We'll see you at the Valentine's Party on Monday!  And they were supposed to have a Valentine box decorating contest...maybe we can do that on our snow days?  Oooo..I'm thinking decoupage and paint and stickers and pom pom fringe! : )  Wish I could shop before then..

From the middle of my little mess (to yours?), I send you hugs and wish you a Happy Monday!  Don't forget God's using our stuff! : )

Oh-here's the potato recipe!
Scrub your baked potatoes, and poke at least 6 holes around the outside, and set in the oven at least 2 inches apart.  Set your oven (if you can) to 400 degrees for 45 minutes for small 8 oz. potatoes (or I use the huge russet bakers-about 12 oz. each for 1 1/2 hours).  You can experiment, but it makes the skins nice and crunchy (and I like to eat them!).  If you feel creative, I have another recipe I add: scoop out the potato insides, place in skillet, and saute with 2 T. butter, chopped ham or bacon (I even cut up sliced ham luncheon meat!), and then add grated cheese, then when all warm, add back into potato skins.  Yum!  It's one thing you can leave raw in the oven (with a timer) without fear of spoiling! : )

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