Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sparkly and Self-Confident

Hey ya'll!  Let's just look at pictures. ; )

I am having trouble getting caught up this week.  (Do you ever feel behind in your life?) (maybe it's all the pictures I like to take? heehee)  Sometimes trying to get it all done means I don’t get to sleep until after midnight most nights.  This morning, Clay had a doctor’s appointment in Fayetteville, so I checked him out of school.  I have been working on getting an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon to have Mary Claire’s third and (hopefully) final set of xrays!  We are going at 3:10, which means I’ll have to check her out of school, so I’m working on logistics now.  I hate to get Ethan and Clay out early too!
Can you see the rhinestones on her sling? : )  (and the button on her jacket?  They don't make you take anything off for the xray!)
(ps-we went, and her arm is better!  She can stop wearing her sling-my girl is thrilled to say bye-bye to it.  You can see a more opaque area where it's still healing, but it seems to be fine.  No heavy pressure on it, but she can go back to dance now!)  And yes, I had to get all three out of school early to make it.  We'll live.

..and when I uploaded the xray picture...Guess what I found?  More pictures on my phone! : )
In line at the car wash on Monday...this precious boy got too many kisses at school! ; )

They posed with Rango : )  He's the new sheriff in town (March 4th)! heehee
..and with Gnomeo and Juliet, of course.  (that's Benny upside down!)

I found more pictures from my Branson trip too. : )  Here’s why I like Justice (girls' clothes), and don’t fight its older-girl clothes anymore.  They are supportive of girls (my girl) and their individuality:
Just Be Yourself

Love Who You Are

Love One Another (and check out that pretty flower!)

This is the one I got her: Hope, Dream, Inspire (and we're hopin' for a CURE!)

I like it when companies help me do my job-especially encouraging my daughter to be herself.  Sometimes our role as Mom involves more than birth, love, and potty-training.  It is so much more.  We feed and nourish them (and our goal is healthy food), clothe them (with thoughtful *clean* matching clothes), kiss their boo-boos (and find them specialized medical care when kisses aren’t enough), coordinate their social lives (and lessons, practices, meetings), teach them to love reading, prepare them for math, science, and manners (and social I’m sorrys), oh gosh, I could go on and on. . . (the driving to all the events, help with homework right before bed, volunteering to benefit the school and great teachers, laundry for those sweet clothes, grocery shopping to keep healthy snacks in stock, building their self-confidence so they can go out into the world alone, long-term planning for their futures, and I really could go on. .) Ahh..

Think of something that would make your life better.
Now go do it (or find it!), and I’ll be here when you get back. : )

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