Sunday, February 6, 2011

Please don't lick my fingers

So..we are HoMe!! : )
the I40 bridge over the M-i-crooked letter-crooked letter-i-crooked letter-crooked letter-i-humpback-humpback-i!

We drove back in yesterday afternoon.  We are so thankful for good driving, safety, and no ice!  We stopped to eat in Maumelle (close to LR!), and we actually got excited to just to see our house!  The kids couldn't wait to be home, to have their own space, and see their long-lost toys.  We always need time away to appreciate what we have! : )

We had a date scheduled for last night (and we made it!), so we saw The Dilemma-it was good, and you think one thing, and learn more.  It's all about assumptions and honesty.  It was funny, and it was good to laugh and watch couples!  You feel some similarities, and you can see how it looks from the outside-in, and you analyze your own marriage, and make new resolutions.  (Always Good.)  We also got some dinner at PF Chang's, and oddly enough we got the same fortune: Hear with your ears, and listen with your heart.  Maybe we both need to listen better? (To whom?  Each other?  To God?  To others?  Clarification, please. heehee)  The back had the word Anxious (yes, on both).  Umm..I've always gotten some fruit or peaceful word-Anxious is new (but, no, not surprising!).  I wanted to trade in for a new fortune, but I'm not sure they do trade-ins!

Today was back to our old-normal: church, Jose's for lunch, three games of cards, lots of homework/make-up stuff for the kids, Monday folders (oops-did we forget them last Monday when we were driving out of town?), vacuuming, putting away clothes from Branson, laundry, and..the Super Bowl!

We had mom and dad over for chicken corn chowder and commercials.  Ha! (but really.)  We rustled up some delish charred pineapple relish dip (just the jar mixed with 8 oz. of cream cheese!) and Harry & David's multigrain chips (Y.U.M.), homemade snow ice cream (scooped up off the deck!) and did you have Doritos with your commercials?  If not, did you WANT some?? : )  They had hilarious commercials tonight (along with Pepsi and Toyota!)  ..and did you see that halftime show?  They had a good stage (enjoyed the rearranged "Love"!), I'm sure in honor of Valentine's Day, and the late-ish Super Bowl this year:

but boy..did they butcher some old songs (and had boxes on their heads)!  The light-up costumes were good, but what was even better?  Christina Aguilera's big changes to our national anthem!  Umm..I kinda liked it the way it was before. : )

What a day.  Good times and sleeping in our own beds (or Ours).  Here is my Little Prince.  Isn't he the most beautiful thing ever?  Kids are super-precious sleeping.  I think they reveal the angel inside when they are at peace and communing with God.
 Sleep, my little angel, sleep.


Hallie Addington said...

I thought that was a funny one, too! Glad you had a nice trip! I enjoyed seeing your pics and "escaping" with you!

Holly said...

Thanks, Hallie! : ) They were hilarious-I was rewatching them last night as I was writing! : ) and thanks-did you get snow too?