Sunday, January 23, 2011

Quick Pick: Drawing Numbers

Thankful that my boy is finally learning to write-trying not to do any comparisons. : )  He knows it makes me happy, and he even wrote a V for Violin on my desk in green marker (I tried not to freak out, especially since he told me it was for violin-Smart Boy)  Here it is after I scrubbed it:

It kinda has wings like a bird.

And this FOUR for Ethan! (what he always says!)

An E and a Cross (he calls T's crosses, and we don't really correct him-it's cute)

His A, but then Mary Claire had to add a tooth up above.

A Self-Portrait.  He said he's a "punching guy" holding sticks.  ?

A Banana-hahahahaha
Ok-doesn't that one make you laugh?  He's so funny.  He just likes sitting at my desk and using my notepads!  He feels like a Big Boy.  I don't mind as long as he's progressing.  He's still using his left hand, but I caught him coloring a little with his right hand.

And the last one.  He has learned to write his name, but it's really shaky.  He also writes so lightly with a pencil that it's hard to see!
His is the really faint pencil all across the bottom, and yes, I see two E's too! : )
Sweet, sweet boy-currently laying on my floor fussing because we can't find his GREEN train Geo Trax engine.  Why, oh why can't you play with the red one, the silver one, the black one, the yellow one, or Sarge or Lightning McQueen or Mater?  Ah..the green one eludes us.


Hallie Addington said...

I love it! I love the E's that have 10 lines! Looks good! My child hates to write - because it doesn't look perfect the first time she does it! Ugh! Thanks for sharing!

Holly said...

Hallie-thank you! : ) They totally look like ladders (minus one side!!)
You are so sweet!