Friday, January 14, 2011

Facelift, Anyone?

Oh my goodness!  I'm so ready for a great Blog-Facelift!  I have a blogging friend who got a great facelift (it is absolutely amazing, and I'm so happy for her, it was also lovely before, but so precious-check it out!), and I am ready to seek out her great people, Designer Blogs!  Their work is amazing.  I have to say I have tried my best to "fancy" mine up, but I can't do all the little buttons and titles and signatures, but follow them, and they'll teach you some tricks!
Just wait, I'll have newness for you soon enough! : )  (unless there's a long wait..)
They are also having a sale and a giveaway!  Click the link above, and read all about it!

TGIF, people!  My kids home for three days, a birthday party, an endocrinology appointment (pray for a great A1c please!!), and Ches' checkup at the dermatologist's office to check to make sure he has no more little cancers on his head/ears.  He can't stay off the bike, so he has to sunblock his head (his helmet has air slits-enough to burn his head!) and ears even in the winter!  Lord, we pray you watch over our family and heal them physically!  and bless us in the waiting.

And..speaking of waiting!  My sweet kids can find anything to busy themselves.  We were at Sam's..waiting on our van..and our favorite is their book section!  Ethan just makes himself at home.  I'm sorry, did you need to get your huge cart through here?

Look!  The boat moves!

Can I consider myself really blessed that my kids *love* to read!?  Clay is deep in his book (nonfiction, usually!)

Ahhh..look what she found!  An American Girl party set.  It has supplies for four different parties!  Why can't we get it NOW?  She got some money for her grades, but this was $39.99!  Umm..sweet girl, you don't have enough.
Keep saving?  Yep, you'll get there!

Ahh..books tonight with Ethan, I got to see my desk (the wood surface, people!)  Ha, I'm positively giddy!  I know, I'll take a picture, but I'm not quite done.  I got new folders, and need to make new labels for them, I'm almost there.  Don't you just love the fresh start we get in January?
here are my humble cans all hard at work.  I also got a fat jar for all my Sharpies-all 25 of them!  I *heart* colored markers, pens, pencils, crayons...

I'm switching back to manila folders to calm the color.  And maybe I'll take the label off the little storage caddy?  haha!

notice there's some s-p-a-c-e in there? to grow. (and get more books!) heehee
(Maybe I should put away my Christmas decorations?  Nah, I'll get to them.  I just love my desk!)  I should definitely pace myself. : )

 I know that whatever God does, it shall be forever.
Nothing can be added to it, and nothing taken from it.
Ecclesiastes 3:14

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