Friday, January 7, 2011

Getting Ready to Party

I was out most of the day!  Ran back and forth to Fayetteville and Rogers repeatedly (Must Plan Better), but had a great day! : )  I got time to (finally) run into Brighton and pick out some jewelry to spend my gift card!  I'll take pictures when it's less crazy.  Then to get Ethan's cake (that was a total mess-they called at 11:30 to tell me they didn't have the "kit"!  I had to haggle, find out why they said they had Woody and Buzz, and work something out-when it was supposed to be ready at four.), his balloons, and all the extras I needed at Wal-Mart!  (We actually drove off and forgot to get the cake, so we had to go back-umm..forgetful?)  Where was my list?
Tonight, we had frozen pizza (yum!), and I worked on treat bags and water bottles. : )  They are so cute!
So they don't all match, but Ethan picked out his paper! : )

I decided this wasn't the best picture-all crammed in the tub..

There are girl bags, and boy bags. (Stickers, Shrinky Dinks and instructions, chocolate, and Toy Story fruit snacks!)

Guess what's inside?  Surprise!  (The minky dot blanket!)
I'm so happy for my baby boy.  He's never had a real birthday party. We always get together on his birthday, and last year he had kids too, but this time we had invitations!
He's so excited, and I was surprised he could even get to sleep, but I think I wore him out with all the activity today.  And he only got a short nap at school-I picked him up early, and he'd only been sleeping for 20 minutes.

Party tomorrow, and we can't wait to see our friends. : )  Happy Birthday, Ethan!  We love you, sweet boy.

ps-you can still enter to win the $25 gift certificate till Jan. 13th : )

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