Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ahhh..Now Smile : )

Ahhh...the sound of me opening wide!  Apparently I have a remarkably small mouth?  I had to have the child-size thingies and tools for my mouth!

I had my first appointment at my new orthodontist's office.  Yes, that's what I said!  I got xrays, pictures (of the outside and inside of my mouth with mirrors and lip-spreaders, I had no idea what my kids had been through!), and a consultation about my mouth (well, teeth).  I learned that my orthodontist is psychic (he told me I sleep on my right side, and sometimes on my tummy hugging my pillow on my right side-he was so right!) (ok, not really psychic:  I have wearing on the inside of my right rear teeth-I totally couldn't figure out how he knew!) and that I have "black triangles" because of my bone shifting that holds my teeth (maybe I can explain that one later, those little areas where you can see between the bottom of your front teeth), and it's a shock that I don't have a worse profile after having four permanent teeth removed, your nose and chin continue to grow (and make you look more and more witchy, and your teeth are what hold out your lips/profile), and I need braces to correct the current situation.

I went ahead and ok'd the plan, and I will get them on February 21st.  I'll maybe get you some pictures, depending.  (Depending on how I feel and how I look.)  I had lots of options: invisalign, clear brackets, regular silver brackets, and the new quick clip brackets.  The invisalign was a "no" since I won't keep them in, the clear brackets stain easily (with red sauce, tomatoes, spaghetti, red wine, etc.), the regular brackets require rubber bands (harder to clean around), so...I picked the quick clip.  Silver, but the wire just clicks into place!  No rubber bands are required, so I think they'll be noticeable, but I won't have the colored rubber bands like Mary Claire! : )

After we worked out the package, they went ahead and did my impressions.  They did two sets of upper and two sets of lower.  Do you remember having those done?  They are gagging!  My mouth was so small (I had no idea! maybe that's why I have to talk double-time to get it all out), they had to use the smallest kids' tray for my impressions.  They said I used the same one as Mary Claire!  I totally almost threw up, I was really gagging.  After they got the berry-flavored gunk in, I did okay while they set up. (four times!)

I also learned that as you age, your teeth move forward, and especially the front ones get crooked.  I think I told you that I have a tiny dent in the bottom of my front right tooth, where it rubs my bottom tooth.  I already had a tiny bit of bonding done to build the bottom up level, but it's wearing away again.  I have to fix the problem before I have it done again.  I'll only be in the braces for 12-18 months (oh yeah-the other bonus-silver is faster than clear!).

Ahh..what else could I do to change my life?  make it better?  Never stop working to make your life work better.  If you don't do it for yourself, who will?

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