Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shop Till You Drop

More..ShoPPiNG!  Today we got breakfast, and then were hard at it again.  Lots of hunting/gathering for our families-it's hard work (ok, and fun!).  We look for sales, use our coupons, print internet/email coupons and sales, and generally get great deals!
I found shirts at Carters for $3.99 that were 30% off (2.79) in the store, then at the end, we got to use our book coupon (10% off over $50), which made them $2.45!  If I had a camera, I'd show you my receipt-it is totally awesome!  It reads:
(3 sets) pajamas...$3.67 each
Corduroy pants.....$2.45
Active pants (wind pants)...$2.45
active pants.........$2.45
(2) shirts..............$1.83 each
playwear fall active....$3.06
single bib...........$1.22
fall toddler girl knit...$3.67
Ok, you get the idea!  I got 20 items for $77.01!  Isn't that amazing?  (yes, that's $3.85 an item, including tax.  Not Bad.)

I have had similar deals-including at Gymboree.  I got little girls' shirts for $3.99, then got to take off 15% off (if you spend over $75), and then 5% off with my Gymboree visa (making them $3.22 each).  I am buying clothes for a friend's children, so I'm looking for stuff on sale.  I have found the cutest stuff!  I'd love to show you pictures, but problem again. : )  They just had a baby girl, and they had two girls and a boy already.  I just want to to get them some clothes to help out this spring-they'll be busy for a while!  (and...I like to buy little girl's clothes!)  I even found a hot pink dress at Carter's that had four layers of tulle at the bottom from the waist down..A-Dorable! (and it was...$3.67!).  Best Shopping Day this year! : ) heehee

We also got a deal at Stride Rite.  I got three pairs of shoes for $25, and Angie added a pair for $13, so we got a half price pair of Tommy Hilfiger plaid (Keds-type shoes) for $6.  So..we got to use our 25% off of $75 or more, S-C-O-R-E! : )  Adorable Easter shoes for Mary Claire, navy Tommy shoes for Clay, and khaki Tommy shoes for Ethan (well..that makes two pair!).

Ok, enough of my garbage-I got amazing deals (if they aren't amazing, I don't buy them!).
Did you get any amazing deals this weekend?  (Remember to shop in January for clearance winter and September for clearance summer-or that's when we go and get the best deals!).  We may have to start Sale Tours to the outlets, and show you how we get precious clothes for bargain prices! : )  It's called Planning.

Planning involves coupons, watching sales, having a list, measuring your kids before you leave (and I even make little foot cut-outs to slip into the shoes!), knowing what brands you like (the knees in Tommy jeans last the longest, and I can get them for $10-like today!), and having an attack plan-we shop one side of the outlet mall at a time, take our bags back to the van, and keep going.  We don't stop for dinner till 9pm when the mall closes, so we use our time wisely.  And, we get delirious, so we have the Most Fun together!  We make the sales people laugh, we are crazy!  (But we are totally Good Hunter/Gatherers!)
(and we got Hot Now's for our 7pm snack to sugar us up so we could make it till dinner!)  Can you tell I'm still sugared up?  And I didn't have Coke all day-till our dinner around 9:30pm, and only maybe 2 oz-I'm distancing myself-and growing increasingly fond of my favorite green tea from Panera! : )

WooHoo-Shop Til You Drop-not just from exhaustion, but from sheer fun: laughing till your sides ache, running around till you know all the sales associates on a first name basis (and go to lunch with them!), and till your car is full.  Lovely days in the sun.  Thank you, God!

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