Saturday, January 22, 2011

Money Down the Drain

Glad I'm typing, or you wouldn't be able to understand me!  I got a cold, and guess I should be happy I'm getting to stay home! : )
Yesterday was another Snow Day for the kids-more playing outside, making BiG Tents in the hearth room, so they were "neighbors".  Ches took them to Chick-Fil-A and to get me some medicine yesterday afternoon-it was so absolutely sweet of him.  A precious few minutes (well..more than a few!) to rest, watch part of a movie, read, and make spaghetti sauce!  I just love that sauce, and it really opens up my sinuses with all the onions and garlic.  Yum!

I didn't take any pictures of the kids' tents-but they were very elaborate.  They used all the kitchen chairs and barstools, and had rubber-banded the blankets onto the tops of the chairs!  They were going for BIG.  They had to recruit extra pillows for "doors", and more to lay on...then toys to play with, and goes on and on.  At least they were entertained!  Made my time laying around so peaceful! : )

Clay went to Mom's last night to spend the night, so Mary Claire and I laid on the bed and played cards.  Then I got a book in the mail (late! from Fed Ex), and we both read.  It was so nice.  She's the best person to have around when you don't feel great.  She's quick to be sympathetic and give me hugs.  Or even go get water bottles for me. ; )  We stayed up too late, just hanging out. (almost 10!), but it was Friday night, and No School Saturday!  The kids have been so thrilled with their schedule lately-Monday was Inservice for the teachers, so they only went Tuesday and Wednesday this week!  We can't decide whether to study spelling words for Monday or not.  Hmm.

I have had an interesting few days.  I've learned to work on my vacuum (again!).  I had to take it all apart to oil the motor, ends of the turning-brush-thingie (I did not say I learned the technical terms), and today I worked on my garbage disposal.  There was this odd noise last night, and I told Ches, he dutifully felt around in there (God bless him), and found nothing.  But this morning, it was making that same clanking/tinkling noise, like a measuring spoon or medicine cup-something tiny.  So, when it totally locked up on me, I pulled out my handy Garbage Disposal Tool, and cranked it around.  It loosened it up, and then it locked up, and flipped its reset switch.  (I've done this a few too many times, huh?)  Then, I got my huge flashlight, and had a look.  I felt like a doctor-I needed a head lamp or someone to hold it for me!  (It took up the entire hole, so that was pointless!) Finally, at an angle, I could see a semi-shiny circle lodged up against the side.  I was scared to stick my hand in there (as always), since at any moment (in my head) the motor could kick back on!  I used a butter knife to pop it out of its jammed spot, and  then I got brave, and pulled it out.  A penny.  Ha.  I know I throw a lot of money down the drain, but reallyDon't try this at home.

Sorry about the Winn-Dixie link, I'm trying something new-I tried to add it to a new playlist on, but it takes a couple days for the link to go live, so you can USE it!  If it doesn't work, I'm sorry, and you should totally read it for yourself-a sweet girl meeting strangers, and learning to call them friends.  No judging.  Love it!

I did hear back from Bethany (not rejected yet!), and have filled out my statement of faith, but I'm waiting for Ches to fill out his half so I can return it to them.

Beware: TMI Ahead!  You can turn back now. : )
I ordered a very awesome (little biased?) book about women's bodies and our cycles: NaPro Technology Revolution: Unleashing the Power of a Women's Cycle"-I even paid to have it shipped in two days, and was actually very happy it really made it-despite the bad weather, yay, extra $12!  Anyway, I have a friend who just returned from seeing Dr. Hilgers in Nebraska, and I've read about his work.  He is Catholic, and takes the charge of helping women figure out what's wrong seriously-he doesn't band-aid it with medicine.  I have learned so much already.  You chart your mucus cycle, and you can tell so much-if you aren't making enough progesterone in your luteal phase (after ovulation), if you are even ovulating (some women have long, dry cycles), or if stress prevented ovulation, if you have lots of cramps and PMS, there's a very good chance you have endometriosis-did you know you aren't supposed to be doubled over in pain?  I had no idea. : )

It makes total sense, and I can see now why I need progesterone after I ovulate, and how I am not getting pregnant when I have no mucus due to stupid Clomid. : )  Yeah, it's a band-aid. I was doing fine without it! : )  Okay, that's enough of that.  If you need more info, you can email me.

Hope your weekend RoCKs!  I'll see you tomorrow, same Bat Time, same Bat Channel!

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