Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mom's Workout

Ok, here is your Mom Workout when you don't have any other time.  (A.K.A. Today's Run-Around):
1.  Run around your house once (or twice if you only have one floor).
2.  Run around a second time, bending to grab dirty towels, laundry, and hangers.
3.  Run them to the laundry room and sort.
4.  Grab only one child's clean laundry and run it upstairs to their room and put away.
5.  (Repeat for each child-if you have no kids, you get to run around your house panting and run back and forth from your laundry room to your closet at least three times.)
6.  Just run around your house three more times, picking up little junky bits that need to be put away (cups, napkins, sucker stick under the couch, stray shoes, car (minus a wheel), the tv remote, fold the blanket and put away, straighten the pillows, jump over the train tracks on the floor and make mental note to remind child 3 to clean them up!).
7.  Run to a bed, make it, and run to the next bed.
8.  Repeat for all beds in your house.  (If you only sleep in one-you are missing out on a great workout!)
9.  Run downstairs, grab all dirty dishes, corral them to the sink, then unload and load the dishwasher.
10.  Run around the house one more time, heat up your kitchen water, run hot soapy water, and wipe all your counter tops and table.  Use the hot water till it's not hot anymore.  Wipe down your microwave, your refrigerator (inside and out), laundry room counter, etc.
11.  Super-speed vacuum your carpet and tile.
12.  Take two minutes to catch your breath, load a tea pitcher with four green tea bags, and 3 cups of water.  Microwave it for 4 1/2 minutes.  Run around in circles like a crazy person (pray no one comes to your door and sees you!), fluff pillows on the couch, gather up Christmas and pile it on the tubs (add That to your to-do list!), and then when you hear the *beep* from the microwave, stir and let sit.
13.  Run to your desk, check your email and other sites really fast, wipe down the bathroom counters, Clorox-wipe the toilets, and back to the kitchen.
14.  Pull out the tea bags, add 1/2 cup sugar, and ice cubes to make one quart.  Stir well, add to refrigerator.
15.  Have a nice cold glass of green tea, and your workout is over.
16.   Now take a shower, and run your errands.

Ahh.. that was my day. : )

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