Thursday, January 6, 2011

Contest to PIF

All righty, friends, here is the much-anticipated CoNTeST!  Yay!

I'm so excited to introduce you to CSN Stores! They have over 200 online stores where you can find everything from stylish modern office furniture to cute cookware to chic lighting pieces!  I found adorable dolls and Melissa and Doug (wood) paper dolls for Mary Claire, zebra pillows, a beautiful baby blue/chocolate rug that I *love*, a globe for name it, they carry it! : )  I just found my new hand towels to

Ok, enough of what I want!  What do YOU want?

Here are the rules:
1. You have to live in the US or Canada.  (They only ship there.  Sorry, friends across the pond.)
2.  Leave your email as a comment so I can email you the code for your $25 gift certificate!
3.  I love you, and can't wait to see who wins!!  You can email your friends to enter or post about it in YOUR blog-you can just link back!
4.  You have one week-until Thursday, January 13th to enter!  I'll announce the winner about 9pm (after my lovely children are put to bed) (for the first time) heehee
5.  I'll use the same randomizer as before at

Are you getting lucky?  No extra garbage from me?  Not Hardly! : ) hahaha
Remember when I told you about the minky dots I found yesterday?  I made Ethan's blanket this morning! : )  I had to be conniving and canoodle to get Ethan to stay out of here long enough to sew it.  Here is a picture.  I can't decide whether to monogram it or not.  What do you think?
:The blanket of his DrEaMs:
We've also started a new Pay It Forward last night on Facebook.  You could try it too!  Here is what I wrote (copied from my friend, Nikki's status!):
Pay it Forward 2011: I promise to send something handmade to the first 5 people who leave a comment here. Here are the rules: 1. You must msg me your address (even if you think I already have it) 2. You must in turn post this on your page and send something YOU make to the first 5 people who comment on your status. 3. It MUST be handmade by you and it must be sent sometime in 2011.
Who is in?
I have five people now, so I'm all set.  What could you make for your friends?  For my selection, I'm making five different things, and I'm excited!  I know them all different ways, so I know (I think!) what they'd like!  Probably not Shrinky Dinks.  Hahaha!  I'll just put a shrinky dink tag on it! : )  ...Can I make you laugh? (maybe?)  I got a comment that said blah, blah, PIF, blah, blah, and I thought he was speaking code!  I had to google it to find out it was Pay It Forward.  Ha.Ha.
You could try it on your Facebook page, by email, or even on your blog if you have one!  You'll only get one thing, but you are sending five little bundles of handmade love out into the world!
*I'm so excited for you, I can't wait to see who wins the $25 certificate to!  I wish I could win too!*


Holly said...

Just so you know, no one gets the email addresses but me. I email the certificate to you, not! : )

Hallie Addington said...

This is awesome! I love your blog and your craftiness! Can I enter? It's! Woo hoo!

Holly said...

Yes, girl you are ENTERED! : ) I'm up to three, so you have an awesome chance!! : ) thanks and I'll check in with you after the 13th! : )
ps-thank you : )

Liz said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I love the whole PIF idea! I was thinking about doing something similar on my blog later this year...

eemoody77 at gmail dot com

KT said...

What a great giveaway!!

Holly said...

Got you too, KT! : )