Friday, December 10, 2010

Take me home, please.

Busy day: copying at the school, books and envelopes at church, and then errands!  I picked up a special order for Ches (shh..don’t tell him!), and ran to Wal-Mart and Target, then it was time to get the kids (it went so fast!)  I got Ethan a little early, and bless his heart, he was still asleep.  I held him on my lap, and wrapped his blankie around him.  The world just stops, and I think I could just be late for anything, it’s all worth that moment.  *Love* it!
We ran by the house to get the dog blanket Mary Claire made for the shelter (didn’t even think to get a picture!) and her Girl Scout vest.  We had a field trip to get to!
We went to south Fayetteville to the animal shelter!  I was pretty worried that I’d find a sweet animal I couldn’t live without (yes, really!  I can be so weak!).  I had already done my research, and looked up the animals that were there, but the one I kinda liked wasn’t there.  (and two others that I considered had signs on them that they were adopted!)  We had a guide who told us all about the facility, what they do, what the rooms are for, and then..we took a tour!

but first..a group picture of the girls!

Did they ever pick the right dog to bring out?  Ha! It was a precious chihuahua with long black hair!  She was full grown, and two years old-adorable!  She was named Gizmo (he really did look like a mogwai!), but since she's a girl, they renamed her Izzy.

And who did the nice lady hand the dog to?

This is Izak ("Isaac"), a real cutie.  He came in all stinky and matted, so they gave him a wonky haircut.  It'll grow back.

This is the one Clay liked: a beagle named Skipper. : )  He was so calm in his little cage.

The little girls loved the cats!

He loved the kitties, but kept tapping on the glass trying to get their attention!

They had kittens in there too.

Clay really wanted this one to come out, but there was yellow foamy stuff-I think she'd thrown up!

Here are the ones I fell in love with-they'll be 8 weeks and adoptable on Monday.

precious Labradoodles.  Smart and cute!  But they get big.

We're back up front, and they get to pet the director's puppy.

Check out the begging girl with puppy-dog eyes.

I let Clay take Skipper out to the Dog Park to play.  He ran and ran!

Skipper had finally calmed down, and they were sitting.

Clay really liked him, but I just couldn't say yes.  (Yay, me!)

She asked to open the cage to get the kitten out.

This is my last picture-I started getting them out, holding them, and trying not to get attached.
This is my last picture-I held the kitten, then the lady took us to see the teensy ones!  They will be eight weeks on Monday too.  They were adorable Siamese kittens: one was gray striped with blue-gray eyes, and the other two were white with blue eyes.  One was flame-tipped, and he was the only one still available.
By the time we got a mile down the road, I had an allergy attack: stuffy nose, swollen throat, I knew it'd been the cats.  I really was leaning toward a cat (which potty trains itself!), but not now.  Ches stopped and got me some Benadryl, and we met for dinner.  Within 30 minutes or so, I was better.  It made me sad!
Then we split up, and Mary Claire and I ran a couple errands.  We got everyone some slippers, hid them in the van, and headed home.  I could go MIA for an hour, but not much more!
So..if you need an animal, check out their website, there are lots of cute ones!  They also need volunteers to take the pets outside to play and potty.  Or you can give them fresh food and water, wash the dishes or blankets, or even groom them (she did remark that they are caregivers, not groomers, so maybe I could try..)  You could also donate food or blankets!

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