Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Presence

Sometimes I do things right-like remembering to lotion right after my shower, and sometimes not so right-like only shaving one leg.  I get all cold in the shower (and chill bumps are no time to shave!), so I rinse off in the hot water, get my hair wet again, and bam-there goes the memory.  I think I shave more in the winter than in the summer (maybe..).  If you have no hair, your legs don't feel cold!  Try it. (or you probably already do..)
The thing I love most about winter: good hair.  There's usually no humidity (great for us naturally wavy girls), so my hair stays good all day!  Except for the snowy days.  But we won't go there. : )

Ok.  A question for you: Is it normal to cry at the Folger's commercial?  "You're my present this year."  Aww...boohoohoo.  Is Peter going to keep coming home every year?  He is messing up my make up!  And today is the first day I've worn makeup since Sunday, so it's special!  With Ethan sick, I just didn't have time (I was thankful for a shower and clean hair).  Yes, even in Wal-Mart with my flat, I had no make-up and they people were all still nice (maybe they felt sorry for this busy mom?) haha

I've done three amazing things!
Number One: I made Mama Z's spaghetti sauce (I didn't buy enough tomato paste, so I had to alter it a tiny bit, but it was good!)-a restaurant in Tontitown we really like-and I *love* their spaghetti!  (I think maybe they overcook their homemade pasta-it is kinda wilty, but you can cut it with your fork-so there's no flopping around-just wonderful!).  I learned it has lots of celery-surprise!  I took a picture of the huge pot full, but I'm too lazy to upload the picture.  Seriously.
Number Two: I got the first half of my Christmas cards ready to mail.  I feel (half) a huge relief.  It's getting really close to Christmas-it's T minus 9 days and counting!
Number Three: I think I'm done shopping..hip, hip, hooray!  I ran out and got a few more things today, and I feel like I can call it done. (well, I should be specific-I'm done shopping.)  I still have stuff to make.  I did order Mary Claire an American Girl outfit online, and then I found (free!) PaTTerNs!  I printed a few, and then got some fabric and knit fabric to make a tshirt and *panties*!  heehee  That just made my day-I was wanting to make her some stuff, and I kept looking for cute patterns.  There are quite a few available, so I have plenty to do.  I can also change up the patterns and combine them.  I even bought a shiny turquoise with silver dot stretchy knit for a gymnastics leotard, like she wanted me to order her online.  American Girl sells the dance clothes (which we have), but she wanted a leotard.  Very Different (if you are eight).  I have to work on towels and stuff too, but I'm close.

Tonight we went Christmas caroling at Fayetteville Health & Rehab.  We chose them since they'd let us carol in the halls.  Some places just want us to stay up front, but then lots of residents/patients can't hear or see us.  It blessed our souls!  The older people just smiled, and came to their doors, and wanted to shake our hands, they waved, and even followed us and made requests.  It was so sweet!  Some of the girls were kind of scared, but since Mary Claire had seen my Grandma Jewell last year in a nursing home, she knew what to expect-she did great.  All the girls had made cards to hand out, and I'm so glad.  They had something to keep for Christmas.  It just warmed our hearts-they were so happy we came.  They followed us to the exit door, then we just stood and sang a few more songs.  It was hard to just stop.

Then we went to Atlanta Bread Co. for hot cocoa and chocolate chip cookies.

They donated a dozen cookies-so sweet-and they were huge!  Mary Claire didn't want to share, but she gave me a tiny bite.  They looked delish, but I didn't buy one-I've had bread pudding the past couple of days, so I'm good.  All the girls got to talk and be silly-they had fun!  I'm glad they all get along so well.

My last job of the day was to go to Boingo Bounce and pay a deposit for Ethan's birthday party!  It was kind of dark, and there was just one couple there with their two kids, and two workers up front.  We paid, and they printed invitations for us,
they are SO cute!
and Mary Claire started talking with the little girl there.  We talked about girl scouts, patches, and where we'd been tonight.  The mom asked questions, and when we got ready to leave, she asked about Mary Claire's Bella and Violet. She cried that she wanted them.  When we got in the car, I told Mary Claire I wished I'd had something to give her.  We found a little white purse with a pearl handle, and she said she'd share it.  She took it back in, but the mom said she didn't want the girl to be spoiled.  But she said that when she was selling cookies, to come by and sell her some.  Did they own it?  We didn't know how else we'd find them to buy cookies come January!  She didn't ask, but we'll go back! : ) Especially for the party-January 8th! : )

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