Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Moving Pictures

Mary Claire "borrowed" my camera today!  There were lots of pictures taken around her room.  You get the pleasure of just one. : )  (We made this leash yesterday.)

And here is Clay opening his first present of the Atari game/joystick with 12 games.  Just plug-n-play!  Our plan was two-fold: one, they have something to play with this week, and two, it leaves the focus on Saturday on Jesus and His birthday! : )

 Mary Claire was so excited to open her Strawberry Shortcake Berry Cafe.  (and she's still playing with it!)  Ethan got a Thomas train set that is easy to set up (i.e. no lost pieces or need for me to rebuild it).  They were all so cute and happy.  Makes me want to do it one day at a time!
And yesterday afternoon we went to see Santa Claus!  This is the same Santa that the kids saw when they were little-he's the best! : )
And just one more thing..I've been devouring these amazing yummy things at Arby's lately (chocolate turnovers!), they are like the apple, but filled with melty chocolate and topped with hardened chocolate.  I know they aren't really that healthy, but Y-U-M-M-Y!  I decided to make them (a little bit healthier? I mean they are smaller, so it's technically fewer calories.)
You start with a can of croissants, separate them, then add mini chocolate chips to the dough (try to aim for the middle so they don't all fall out and get hard on your baking sheet!)
Then roll them up, and curl the ends a little (to look more French.)

Then, when they come out, you can either spread melted chocolate (I didn't have time), or just add some chocolate chips!
And (not quite Arby's, but)..Yummy! (They took a little longer to bake-almost 16 minutes instead of 10-12.)
We've had a great day today!  Mom watched the kids so Ches and I could see a movie marathon! (ThRee: True Grit, Little Fockers, and Love & Other Drugs!)  I recommend the first two, but the third..not so much.  We also ate at Bonefish Grill (the Jen's Jamaican Coconut Pie was wonderful! and warm..), and had some time to shop a little.  We are so done, but when you have time, you seem to find new stuff...

Ps.  Just a question.  I got a Christmas card from someone I don't know, addressed to me, my address, etc.  It's a picture card, and I've never seen these people (or their cute kids!) in my life.  Should I write back (send a card?), and tell them they might have the wrong Holly Jones?  Or just leave it?  She might send me cards every year, and then they'll wonder why I didn't reply the first year.  Hmm.. Thoughts?

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