Sunday, December 5, 2010

Beauty and the Ballet

Love, Love, Love the ballet.  What a precious day with great friends.  We started here, at Sandstone Gardens in Joplin, Missouri.  I hadn't been there, and didn't know anything about it, but I'm SO glad we went-it was awesome! : )
It looks like a big house (and inside, it's so comfy and beautiful!)

And we are seated right away!

The doors are right behind Mary Claire.  You walk into the big kitchen and dining room, the kitchen is so homey-like being in someone's kitchen, and the dining room and all the tables are to the right.  You can actually see the refrigerators, ovens, stove top, and the people cooking-it's great!  No industrial cabinets-just tons of beautiful built-in wood cabinets, tons of dishes, lamps, I loved it!

This was outside the restroom-we had lots of time to look while the girls went to the bathroom together!

I loved this arrangement.  Everything was big with lots of sticks-seriously.

She was opening her gift from Angie and Andalynn-a nutcracker, perfect!  Can you see that humongous piece of chocolate layer cake with real cream in front of her?  Dessert had just come, and I had reason to fear-Death by Chocolate (code for Causes High Blood Sugar All Day).  But, it was absolutely wonderful, and it was a special day.

This is where we saw the Nutcracker ballet-the Coleman Theater in Miami, Oklahoma.

A day of nutcrackers! (don't know the man in the background!)

Sweet girls!

We went up to the balcony, and all over the theater to check it out.  See that pink coat?  That's Mary Claire's and our front center seats!

Glad to take my girl to the ballet.

In the ladies' room sitting area-she's right at home.

The balcony over the theater entrance-and the beautiful chandeliers!

I *love* this girl!

In our seats ready for the ballet to begin.

Afterwards, we got autographs!  This is Angie's cousin's daughter, Allison-she was fabulous!

The Sugar Plum Fairy!

One of the Chinese dancers

One of the cupcake dancers

One of the Gingerbread Dancers

Um..can't remember their titles.  They were awesome though!!  The girl in white had a true dancer's body-such muscles, and so thin and elegant.

See?  Even her back is beautiful! : )

Mary Claire with Clara-she did a great job, and kept that smile on through the entire show!

Another cupcake dancer-she even signed her name, "Courtney Cupcake"

The end of our evening-dinner at Fazoli's before we head home.
Precious, precious day with my girl.  Thanks for inviting us, Angie-we had such a sweet day!  We're safely home and blood sugar is almost leveled out after quite an amazing day of great food. : )  Here's a dancing video from Fazoli's while we waited on our food.  She was twirling, and I had to capture it.  Who knows when the dancing stops?

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