Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Infertility and Immaculate Conception

Do you remember that surgery I had back in September?  Well, we paid for it, then they billed my insurance (is it coming back to you?), and then I was supposed to get a credit.  Well, I got $859 of it, and somehow over $1200 has evaporated into thin air.  They can't tell me where it went, they just say it's gone.  AND they told my insurance company I'm "infertile" which means my insurance will pay NO MORE to this doctor.  Yeah, not good.  I don't think I'll go back there.  My last visit in September was $240.  Yes, they took that out of my refund too.  Ahh.."infertility" is so much fun. was a mess.  A mess of decorating (not-so-bad), and you could say I have really under-decorated.  I have over 20 tubs, and some I just closed back up.  I am not putting up another tree, so there's all that stuff (and I have tubs of red and tubs of ivory, depending on my mood!), and then all the ornaments from Pottery Barn that I usually add on to my garland around the house/table tops/mantles, etc.  I didn't put up all those glittery-cone-trees on my dining room table (are they out of style now?), and I'm really happy with the Less.  It's kinda like Clean Christmas. : )  (and there's the knowing that there's less to clean up in January!)

Today was a Holy Day for us: the solemnity of the Immaculate Conception (of Mary).  She was also conceived without sin, and that's how she had a sinless Jesus.  Anyway, we had church this morning (I took Ethan), and tonight (Ches took the older kids), so it's been busy!  I also had signed up to take dinner to the three priests, so there's the teensy bit of pressure that it'll be good, and that there will be enough! : )  If I make dinner for someone else, I always try to make our favorites, the ones that always turn out well.  Makes it less stressful, and I'm very familiar with the recipes (and ingredients at the store!).  I made them Potato Corn Chowder with chicken, bread, and some pumpkin bread pudding.  We had the same thing, and it was good : )  I remember one time I made beef stew for some old neighbors, and I didn't taste it till we sat down to dinner, and I'd forgotten to add salt and pepper-it was awful!  I called them, and they were all nicey-nice, but it was gross!  I felt so bad.  I try to taste things before they go out, but sometimes I forget! : )

(It's so funny-a few years ago my mom and I went to see Late Night Catechism at the Walton Arts Center, and the teacher/Sister called on me to answer.  She asked me who the Immaculate Conception was honoring, and I said Jesus-Wrong!  She got all "mad", and embarrassed me.  Funny fodder now, but not-so-much then.  I must have forgiven her, because Ches and I went back a couple years later with a group from church to see the second one!)

I'm so exhausted.  I'm not sure if it's just the day-to-day stuff, or the added Christmas stuff, or if I'm worn down.  I sure don't want to get sick!  I try to take at least one day a week to go to bed early or sleep in (Ha!), but sometimes the best laid plans go awry!  Ethan has to go to the dentist in the morning at 8:50, so I have to be up and around before the kids!  That'll be a miracle.  It's so easy in the beginning of the school year, or even the end when the sun gets up early, but lately, I can't get out of bed!  Is it normal?

PS-the present-shaking has begun.  I labeled the kids' gifts with letters, but they are trying to figure it out.  (they may be on to me.)  It drives me nuts.  Don't they like surprises?

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