Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kids Rock!

Howdy, friends-I missed ya'll this weekend!  I've been busy, but keep thinking about all I have to tell you about!  Before I go any further, I have to share a new site I found.  I don't even know how I got there (link after link after link), but she's just great! : )  It's Thrifty NW Mom.  So..the reason I'm sharing this is: I found a great deal!  (backstory:) Mary Claire and I ran into Wal-Mart after Girl Scouts, and at the checkout, she wanted to buy Shrek the Third.  I said no since it was $19.99 for the single copy.  I think that's too much, and I have no more room in my van or shelves, anyway... I found this website, and she told me about a coupon on, so I went there, loaded the "coupon software", and printed a $5 off coupon, and it's only $14.99 at Target right now-so, that makes it $9.99 = Deal! : )

Back to my reality. (and I'm so going to buy Despicable Me when it comes out Tuesday the 14th-it was absolutely wonderful.  It and How To Train Your Dragon were my two favorites this year.  I do have to say I liked that in Tangled, they didn't say, "and they lived happily ever after".  They dated, then got married, but I liked the realism.)  Ok, so it's been busy here at the Jones house!

Yesterday was Basketball Day.  Two games, and the second one started earlier that we thought, so I missed the beginning!  Then, we had Mary Claire's kinder-friend (reading partner from when she was in kindergarten) come to babysit the kids!  She's a big eighth grader now-such a precious girl!  She's watched Mary Claire at cheerleading before and has 'sat with the kids, but it's been way too long.  They were so excited, and couldn't wait for her to get here-then they hid.  Ethan was all friendly, and wanted hugs and kisses and told us to go, but Clay and Mary Claire got all shy and hid.  We'd picked her up, and Mary Claire was scared to go to the door to get her-all "I'm nervous, she won't remember me" (it hasn't been that long!) until I told her Maggie just adored her (really!).  Then she ran up to get her, and we did fine.  I was so shocked they were hiding.  They ended up having a great time (after they came "out"), and played charades, Bingo, watched a movie, and read.  Mary Claire can't wait for her to come back!  We might need to go out again this weekend.. I smell a new movie coming out!

Anyway Ches and I got a much needed break together and got to talk Christmas!  We always need alone-time to hash out gifts.  He would buy his babies anything and everything they want (which is the role I wish I had gotten), but I have to be reasonable.  He so wants this Mario track by Carrera, and all the little 1:43 (it's a size, just believe me-you don't want to know that much about it!) ratio cars, including the Cars cars!  But, Practical Me says they all already have enough stuff.  We always overbuy (in my opinion), so we'd decided to only buy them each a few things they really wanted.'s hard.

I bought the train track that Clay really wanted, but it was so expensive.  I'd decided to take it back, but after talking about it, I think I'll take back the Lego Toy Story train, and keep the New York line that he really wants.  I think he'd get more use out of the Lego train, but it's not his #1.  I have to keep his heart in mind, not practicality.

Then, we went to Target as an afterthought, and found more cool toys!  We got Ethan a little Toy Story RC car that follows you!  and then we did something I never thought we'd do.  We bought the boys guns.  (I guess the Nerf gun that Clay got for his birthday broke down the wall-they *love* it!!)  Anyway, we got a set of two (if you click on the link, you'll see that Amazon has hiked them up to $270, but we only paid $24.99) with these velcro foam "darts" and there are vests with velcro and protective eyewear-they'll love them.  They need a boy-bonding toy anyway. : )  If we don't get Ethan a proper "gun", he'll just keep making them out of tinker toys, and bananas!  Boys will be boys, God just made them that way.

Today was church, two birthday parties (Star Wars and Razorback GymBacks!), a Girl Scout ornament exchange and Patch Ceremony!  Loved it.

The latest thing..I now wrap with fun paper and tulle on the roll.  I don't do ribbons anymore-it's way more fun this way!  I still tie on a gift tag with matching ribbon, but it's easy, and so cute! : )  Inside, there's a totally cool (says Mary Claire) Barbie pizza maker and little sister Kelly ready to eat it.  Barbie spins the pizza when you push down on a lever on her back.  ..I hope her gala wear still fits over her button.  You know, for her Christmas parties!)

And the boy? Too hard to buy for-so he got a Target gift card.  Love, love, love the toy gift cards they have.  This one is a Lego kit that makes Bullseye, the dog!

And then, I made the Girl Scout Patch Ceremony baggies.  Don'tcha just love seeing my carpet all the time?

The close-up isn't so good.  I used Christmas cookie paper, name tabs, ribbon, little stamps, and a scalloped square punch.  They were cute, but under-decorated compared to last time!

This is the ornament we crafted yesterday.  It's a clear glass ball.  We painted polka dots (a custom pink Mary Claire wanted-and I had no pink ribbon to match!), then filled it with pink rock-looking beads, clear glass beads, and silver glitter!  The glitter stuck to the sides (a cool surprise!) probably due to static from the lack of humidity!  Finally, we painted on "Girl Scouts Rock" (get it? rock beads-GS Rocks? heehee)

Ms. Celeste is letting them share at the end of the meeting : )

Here they are lined up ready for patches they've earned!  Mary Claire is on the far left-still wearing her leotard from the bday party and her warm-ups!

Here she is receiving her patches.  Love, love, love her leaders!!


Proud of her!

You say the word, "Cookies", and they swarm!
We finished our Hundred Adventures book tonight.  Clay needed to finish so he could take an AR (Accelerated Reader) test on it-he's read almost 3000 pages this nine weeks, but has to take the AR test for the pages to count.  He's all excited.  He read over 2000 pages last nine weeks, but he and his friend are going head-to-head.  Nothing wrong with healthy (reading) competition!  He gets so frustrated on the nights I can't read-he's wanted to finish the book for days, but I wanted to see how it turned out too, so I made him wait for me!

Ahh. Precious weekend.  I'm always ready for Friday to come, so we can sleep in (hahaha-I mean have kids crawl in bed with us on the weekend), and not have to make lunches and do homework, but then I'm ready for Monday so I can clean and do laundry again.  Is this how it'll be forever?  Please, please, please let my heart be happy in today.  Just don't let it go too fast-they are so fun at this age.

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