Monday, December 13, 2010

Cold, Flat Tire

Another great testing.  I think that God has allowed bad things to happen, but every time I learn something and am graced with human kindness, so I end up all thankful!

Today, was another big crazy day.  (I really do wonder if I bring this on myself.)  Ethan stayed home sick (not awful, but has a cold, and had a fever this morning), so I just got busy with laundry today.  We were almost out of Kleenex (after a million nose-blowings, toilet tissue just feels so rough!), so I wanted to go ahead and make my weekly Monday Wal-Mart trip.  It was extremely cold here today (14 degrees when I left this morning, high of 34!), so we bundled up and went out.  I saw the tire pressure light on my dash light up, but after checking all four tires, ignored it.  When it's really cold out (under 25-30 degrees), it freezes up, and doesn't read well (from my experience last winter!).  We went into Wal-Mart, got our groceries, and by the time I got out-it was running out of air.  I went ahead and put in my groceries, but after that-it was really flat (sorry there's no picture-ha!).  I called Ches and asked him to come get me and/or my tire.  He headed north (why-oh-why had I gone to Rogers?).  I got bored in the car, so Ethan and I went back into the store to look for a portable air compressor.  I have had so much trouble with these young tires (yes, my van turns one year old tomorrow), have already replaced two tires, and have had multiple stupid flats/punctures.  They are Michelins-don't buy them-and they aren't cheap either.  Just don't buy them.
Anyway, we wound our way through the store, and the guys that helped weren't even from the auto department-one was even on break!  Then finally a real auto guy came and showed me the portable compressors-I'd decided I needed one no matter what--this happens too often!  (BTW-you can get one that works off your little outlet in your car! and reaches your tires.  Very Cool.  It's in the RV section.)  Anyway, I finally tell the guy what's going on-and he says he has one in the back, and he'll air up my tire so I can get it back to TLE!  I was thrilled.  He went to get it (in a cart), and followed me all the way to the front.
I noticed he was going slower than me, and when I slowed down, I saw he was limping.  I asked what was wrong, and he said he'd pulled his back. His friend, a chiropractor, had popped it, but it was still hurting.  He was a manager, so he said he would stay at work until there were enough workers for him to leave, and he had the next two days off to rest.  I told him he sure wasn't lazy! : )  He was very nice, and we got out to the car about the same time Ches showed up.  (Ethan was so happy to see him!)  Robert, the auto express manager, aired up the tire then told me to meet him at Bay 5 over at the TLE.  I did, and another man aired it up, and told me he could hear the air coming out, so I didn't have long.
They had a two hour wait, so he said to go to Sam's where I had already paid for service on my tires (free repair/balances, etc.), but he said to hurry.  I did, and get this-there was a two hour wait there too!  Ches followed me (the little tire pressure light went off!), and we made it.  I turned over the keys, moved the groceries to Ches' van, and Ches took Ethan and me home-he had meetings to get to!  I called the school and told the kids to be bus riders, and we waited for the call that the van was done (they never called).  Ches got home a little before five and we picked up my van-there'd been a nail in the tire.  Who knows when I got it!
But meanwhile, at home..Ethan had started really crying, and his fever went up to 103.6, which really worried me!  He would NOT take medicine, so I couldn't help him.  He kept crying about his tummy hurting, and he was alternating between too hot and cold!  It was frustrating to not be able to do anything.  He kind of slept a little on the couch in between the crying bouts, but not much.  I knew he needed to go to the doctor, but I had no car.  Yes, more frustration.  Finally he said he'd have some Sprite, so I put his liquid ibuprofen in the bottom, mixed in Sprite, and he never tasted it!  Within 30 minutes, he was feeling better and got up!  He goes down fast, and rebounds fast.  Ches read something online about redheads being more sensitive to pain/having a lower pain threshold.  I'd definitely say that's him!
I did get him an appointment at the doctor for 7pm (the earliest I thought we could make it to since my van was in Bentonville!).  We had dinner at Sam's (I had to make up for the Sam's pizza with veggies for snack after school and they had Shredded Wheat for bedtime snack-Mary Claire has had a tummy ache, and I think she's constipated.  She prefers all bread products-but, ugh-they don't help you any!  She called today from school asking for medicine for her tummy ache-below her belly button, but after questioning her-I learned she had hard poop-is this too graphic?  Sorry.) Anyway, I have to keep them functioning-part of my job!
So, at Sam's, Ches wanted to look at wireless print/scan/copy/fax machines. (yes, they had to have all those functions!)  Ours isn't wireless, and has aged.  We can't receive faxes anymore, and we've never been able to scan.  So..we looked.  He decided he wanted one for his birthday. (December 22nd)
So..he said he'd take Ethan to the doctor since I was worn out, and Mary Claire had to go to the bathroom!  We parted ways, and after the bathroom..we decided to go ahead and get his "birthday gift"!  It was our huge secret, and it took them to help me carry it!  We came home, wrapped it, and had to decide where to hide it.  We decided on Mary Claire's closet under her big shelf.  We stuck her doll tub in front of it, and crowded around it with stuffed animals and a pillow.  Totally hidden (as long as he doesn't read anything here...very rare).

So, at the end of the day, I have to tell you I cried on the way to Sam's-I was so thankful for Robert filling my tire with air and saving my day.  Ches would have had to jack up the van, take off the tire, take it to Sam's, wait..., bring it back, and put it back on-all in 20 degree weather (not counting wind chill!).  I'm so thankful for the nice guys at Sam's, and that we have the tire plan coverage (the repair was free!), and that we had another car to use, and that the kids could ride the bus (the naughty boy got moved to the back), ahhh..what a day.

The doctor thinks Ethan has a sinus infection.  He got an antibiotic, and even took it with a good bribe (I didn't even ask-I was just glad he took the medicine!).  And he's sleeping.  quietly. (!)  Hope it lasts through the night.  He's waking up a lot in the night lately!

Be thankful for your secret santas-sometimes they are among us!

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