Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hide and Seek

Such a relaxing morning-I love when we have some T-i-M-E here.  I got to sit and watch tv for a little while with Mary Claire-her blood sugar was high, and she was crying-her teeth hurt!  She went to the orthodontist yesterday, and they put on new connecting rubber bands (turquoise this month!), and new springs to push her front teeth even farther from the back teeth (to make room for the teeth that are coming).  She's also got two upper teeth loose (how to explain..maybe her 7th and 8th teeth?).  She's just at that age-it's hard.  I felt sorry for her, so we sat and I rubbed her back.  She just needed time and attention.  It really is better than medicine (I know-it's what I love too!) : )
Then we played some hide-and-seek, and Ethan was looking in the refrigerator and oven for us (he obviously doesn't have a good sense of spatial depth/size-I'm WAY too huge to fit in there!), plus hahaha-it was so funny!  We did laundry, folded, put away, played Criss-Cross-Crash (they had a car championship, and the winner got a Barbie trophy!), made beds, picked out clothes for today, played Barbies (in her big new house), and took Kelly to adopt a pet at the shelter.  Such a sweet morning.
Then, it got busier!  We had lunch, and got ready to go north to Missouri.  Ches' mom had given us babysitting for his birthday, and we were going out! : )  We drove up, stayed a while to visit, then went to a matinee to see The Fighter.  It was good, but not as good as True Grit.  I'm a sissy, maybe?  Maybe if there'd been less fighting? heehee  I've decided AMy Adams is quite the actress.  If she can go from Enchanted princess (loved that!) to foul-mouthed tough girl in The Fighter, she's a real actress with grit!
I have so much to say, but my computer says otherwise.  It's down to 8% power-I do this every night!-and it says I have to hurry up.
Don't forget our little contest-comment with the color/words you want on your very own monogrammed acrylic tumbler! : )


Ms. Pollywog said...

Hi There!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog with your kind words! I always love to hear when someone stumbles upon my blog!

Best of luck in your exploration of IVF. You have had a really rough go of it and I sincerely hope for the best for you and your family.

PS. Cute mugs! I like the one in the middle with "Funny Little Pollywogs" printed on it!

Holly said...

So glad to find you, Lacie! I"m entering you in the contest! : )
I'm watching your snowflake progress-hoping for babies for you on my birthday, September 4th! : )