Friday, July 30, 2010

New York, New York

We're here!
What a day-I do plan big.  We started with the drive, then went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art as soon as we got here (I wanted to start the farthest from our hotel, and move towards it for tomorrow-I grouped what we wanted to do).  We found it fine, parked in the parking garage, got our parking ticket validated (cheaper parking), took a picture out front for Mom, then started exploring.

We began with Byzantine (remember all are without a flash):

Then went to see the Picasso exhibit, which is only here for a little bit longer:

We saw Mary in European Art, then some drawings:

I can see this will take too long...I'll start a slideshow down below of the pretty good pictures.  Anyway, we found tons of impressionists (beautiful!), saw a Rodin sculpture, had lunch (Clay had sushi):

Then we saw silver, the Egyptian exhibits, and the armor and weapons!  the Roman art, etc.  Then on to Central Park.  We went out to Belvedere Castle and took pictures up at the observatory:

(We got a nice lady to take our picture together for sweet memories!)  We got our car, drove by St. Patrick's Cathedral (we'll go to Mass there tomorrow), checked into our hotel, then went out on the town.  We ate dinner at the Olive Garden in Times Square, went to the M&M store, rode the subway to FAO Schwartz (but they were already closed!!),

and then back to our hotel.  We'll make it back to the toy store tomorrow, as its early closing caused a meltdown. : (

What a fun and exhausting trip!  My feet and legs are tired, but in a good way. My soul is full of nice things, and the kids' eyes haven't seen so much since DC last year.  I love it.  Now you know why people heart NY. : )

Ok, I just couldn't yadda-yadda Monet.  He's too worthy, and I just can't leave him out.  Here's a beautiful glimpse:

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The Mom said...

Glad you are home safe and had fun:)