Monday, July 26, 2010

Hershey Park

Chocolate Land is soo good-but makes me hungry!  We traveled across Ohio, through the little tip of West Virginia, then half-way through Pennsylvania. 

We did totally sleep better last night-my bed was soo comfy!  Ethan slept beside me again-he cried on and off a lot-about the dark, monsters, going to the bathroom, everything!  So, I told him he could sleep beside me if he’d stop crying.  He did, and it was fine.  We all slept till 8:48-and breakfast was ending at 9, so we had to hurry downstairs!  We’re always a riot, but we ate, and didn’t cause too much trouble with the juice machines.  Clay ate up lots of butters, and Ethan spilled his cereal-par.

We got on the road late, so we got lunch on the go-Panera and McDonald’s.  They currently have Littlest Pet Shop toys and SuperHeroes, so the kids are collecting toys now. : )  We have a kitten, puppy, Wolverine, and Ironman.  (Clay isn’t into the toys anymore, and not too hungry in the day either.  He makes up for it in the evening, or I’d be worried!)

We stopped at Hershey (near Harrisburg) to go to Hershey Park.  It’s like Silver Dollar City, or a small-scale Walt Disney World.  Ethan ran to a store first (and bought Gigi a little Hershey’s mug with chocolates-but then dropped and broke it within 6 minutes), and the kids ran to the rides!  They rode “hot air balloons” then space ships, a train, cars/motorcycles, then the big stuff.  They rode the Wildcat, Lighting Racer, Clay rode Sidewinder, Comet, and SooperDoooperLooper (which stopped for a little bit-maybe 10 minutes…scary!)

We were there until they closed, 10pm, so we didn’t get to do everything.  We did enough, and it wasn’t too hot today, so I was happy.  They were short on food-all the real restaurant/food places were closed.  All that was open were popcorn, fried veggies, cotton candy, ice cream, and French fry places-and we were hungry for dinner.  We ordered some junk (and got taken on a $3 soda machine-it gave us orange soda instead of Diet Pepsi-and we couldn’t get a refund or anything-gross.  And it was for Mary Claire-she was high for the first time today, so she couldn’t have the sugar!)

We are back at our hotel, and it is getting quiet-finally.  My computer says 11:20, but local time is 12:20-LATE! : O  We must get to bed, we are running on Vacation Time, I guess!
 On our way into Hershey Park-full of excitement, and hoping for chocolate!
His favorite ride: a car!

Riding in the spaceships: Clay didn't want his picture taken, so he dropped his head.  Can you see his hair? : )
His second favorite: the helicopter!

 We met up with some characters-we love Hershey's Syrup!

 The only one Ethan was willing to take his picture with: Kit Kat

Doing some strategic planning: what to do before the park closes...
The big coaster Clay rode alone (Mary Claire left the line after an altercation...)

On our way out of the park in front of the Milton Hershey fountain
Thanks for bringing us to Hershey Park and putting up with us! : )

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