Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Brown Things

If you are my kids, and you see the bathroom door shut: Don't Come In!  (Rule 18)  What is it about my bathroom?  You have one attached to your room, there's one in the hall downstairs. Don't barge into a closed bathroom door!  Argh.
On a similar note..we went to the Fayetteville library today (since our Springdale books are due back, and I'm dyslexic/confused/busy).  While I had Ethan looking at puzzles and Mary Claire was watching him, and I was looking for Mary Claire some books in the fiction section (out of the silly easy-reader section, away from her new favorite-magazines!) (since she asked me to look for her some books-I'm not Hitler)..anyway-I could hear their voices getting louder in the fairly quiet library.  Finally I heard the word "underwear" really loudly, so I had to check it out! (and leave my favorite section: Beverly Cleary)  I went back there, and Ethan is in the chair, and when I grabbed him to get him down, he put his hand behind his back like I was going to spank him, then told me he had to go potty!  I took him (shoeless, and all-he took his new flip-flops off to get comfy in the puzzle section, FYI), then when I set him down on the toilet, he told me his underwear were still clean!  I didn't think much about it (other than, Yay!..?), but then after we wiped him, and I had to wet toilet paper to clean off the sticky poopy (since the library's all *green* and they only use hand dryers), I saw poop in his underwear!!  Uh--Gross!  I had him step out of them, and I trashed them. There are few things I like less than poopy clothing (namely throw-up clothes and bedding), so they just couldn't come home with us.  I mean, people would smell them eminating from my bag, and they'd be onto us.
So, I just pulled up his *clean* shorts, and we washed up (using that handy, dandy high-speed, save-the-environment-dryer!).  When we were out in the library again, he said his pants were falling down (uh-oh, then they'd know for sure!), so I tightened up the little buttons inside the waist band (the smart suckers that invented them, are so rich! The Best Invention of the 2000's!), and he was fine.
I had to go upstairs to search the card catalog (which is gone now, BTW-it's just a computer.  I knew that, but I didn't know what to call the computer-search-thingy, so I asked the reference librarian where the card catalog computer was-for adults-, and she told me, "Hunny, there is no card catalog anymore!  It's all on computer!"  Umm, yeah.  So where is it?)  Hopefully, she didn't smell any funny business.  I had to look up some couples Bible study books, as I'm preparing (un-)last minute for my lesson I'm *leading* (not really, just telling people what to talk about), but I thought it'd be fun to have samples of couples' studies, and I'm hyper-active and like this kinda thing, you know, teaching? : )
So, then we had a snack at Arsaga's out front (I had the uber-scruptious Grasshopper Iced Coffee-and I'm still wired!), Ethan had a breakdown because I ordered him the wrong brown bread (silly me), and then we went by Springdale library to return the books I remembered to bring with me.  We only forgot one Fayetteville book, and three from Springdale.  Not too shabby.
Ok, I'm sure I've given you enough to think about/be thankful for today!  I'm thankful for un-poopy days, brown bread, and the things I remember.  Ahh-and these are the good days! : )
..always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Ephesians 5:20

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