Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ocean City, New Jersey

After all the excitement yesterday, today should be relatively calm. We are in Philadelphia headed east towards Ocean City right now. We just crossed the Ben Franklin Bridge (blue and pretty!), and Clay just swears he saw a battleship. It’s just nice looking at the buildings-we saw a new one, plus a new *tallest* one being built. Someone wants to be the new tallest building in town!

Today is just check into the hotel and beach time-no other agenda. I’m sure we’ll catch up with Ches’ family, have dinner together, and hang out. Maybe we’ll build super-awesome sand castle? Ok, I shouldn’t set our goals so high!

Playing in the sand together : )

 Working on a sand castle..

 I love to see the lifeguards and rescue boat-ready to go (Just in case!)
This is what he's wanted to do since we left town..

She plopped down on the way back to Aunt Rita's beach house, and said she was too tired to get up.  Umm..hungry?  (she got up!)

Later..we’ve had a great day! We got to catch up with some family, eat some yummy Philly cheesesteaks, swim and play in the sand, and now we are safely in our hotel room (nice and big-perfect!). We have three double beds, but Ethan still wanted a pack-n-play! Clay and Mary Claire got their own beds, so they are mighty happy, and two of the three are asleep (and it’s only 9:30!)-it’s been a long vacation already! We should go easier the next couple of days. The beach is pretty laid back, thank goodness. We’ll rest up before New York!

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